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Did I Overdo It?

I think it was sometime during my sophomore year, after I went to a buffet and binged like my old self I went to the gym for the first time and the guy measured me. Apparently I was 5’8, almost 200 pounds, and 31% body fat. I think I was mid 14 for age?

Anyways after i think a year and a half, almost i think if not already 2 years I’m a current junior in hs and i cut down to i think 16% according to the bodyfat tester.

My lowest was around 150.

I’m 16 turning 17 August 4 but about 7 months ago I tried to bulk but leniently since I WAS an endomorph and probably do not have the best macro partitioning when it comes with excess calories. Aka I probably store more as fat. Anyways fast forward about 2 weeks ago I awkwardly felt myself and my chest muscle and basically my upper pushing muscles all got wayyy smaller. I kid you not. I thought my glycogen was just low but even today, my chest went from having decent size to straight up looking like a wooden board!! I’m so frustrated with myself especially since I also had to miss about 5 workouts starting last Friday since I had a stomach ache and work! Please I need some advise. Thank you!

Two weeks and your chest is smaller? One of those flesh eating diseases is the only real explanation.

I recommend lots of kale and rubbing the area with a vegan sausage. Keep your training high volume (500 reps) until your chest returns.

Make sure you dont stretch the chest muscles as that will make them stringy and thin, like stretching out play doh.


This post is big on words but short on details.

How much do you currently weigh?
How much do you currently lift?
How do you train?
How do you eat?
Why do you believe your chest shrunk? Why do you believe it’s all muscle loss?

Can I get a serious answer? I think its muscle loss so I’m just trying to get advise. Trolling isnt something I’m looking for. Thanks

150ish pounds

Bench: Decreased by a lot so I dont know. Rough estimate 140?

I did PPL for about a year after doing a bro split when I first trained(big mistake). But starting last Monday I did Arnold’s blueprint for mass so chestback on Monday Thursday and arms/delta Tuesday Friday and legs wednesday/Saturday

I dont really have time for breakfast so I skip that and for lunch maybe a bar or something that is available.

I think my chest shrunk because either muscle loss from insufficient calories, overtraining the chest, or lack of sleep as I am barely getting 6 hours :confused:

That wasn’t the question I was trying to ask, apologies. You’ve identified 2 issues with your training and lifestyle right here though. Are they fixable?

There is no way of us telling from your posts whether you’re overtraining chest or eating enough, you haven’t given us enough details.

Edit: I think it’s odd that of the 3 issues you identified yourself, you chose the least likely solution to focus on.

That’s weird because five months ago you were “156ish pounds.” So, your plan to bulk went in the opposite direction.

Bogus. You choose not to take the time for breakfast. You find time to hit the gym six days a week, you can find 8 minutes in the morning to have scrambled eggs.

So, no breakfast, 200 calories for lunch, and you’re wondering why there’s a chance you’re losing size. C’mon, man.

At 5’10" and 150ish pounds, you did not have decent size. The problem is in your head. Don’t sweat it, happens to everyone at some point. Stick to the plan, don’t miss any meals or workouts for the next 16 weeks, and you’ll end up in a better place.

Unless you’re busy at sports practice, working a job, or hitting the books for college entrance exams, this can be easily fixed if you actually want to.


Come on, man.

Just do the things you know to do and don’t try to turn this into rocket surgery.

Sorry could you clarify your statement

I was high 150ish like 158 or 159 possibly low 160s but now at 150 I do not have decent size.

So the advice is just to eat more and my lifts and strength increase will follow?

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