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Did I Mess Up or Am I Okay?

Uh I missed that! Thanks

Just stating for the OP. I just figured you were being nice😀!


‘Don’t attribute malice where stupidity is sufficient’ works the other way round too.

All good man thanks for the advice!

Yeah I agree the 9% maybe not be accurate. But If it’s consistent then I can still track my fat gain/loss correct? Or is it that inaccurate?

Also pull-ups are my jam, I have always loved them! Wider the grip the better I like em. Chin ups on the other hand I don’t like near as much. I do pull-ups with my back workout typically.
As well as ohp thats my favorite barbell lift for sure. Somthing about it gets me going.

Also thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely start with starting strength with how many ppl are recommending it.

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I didn’t know this. Thank you!

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Been skinny my whole life. For years I would have 3-4 energy drinks in a day… a meal consisted of 3 mountain dews, whole pizzas, whole bags of cheetos, go on to snack on a tub of ice cream.

Wasn’t working out then and never gained weight.

I’ve since then cleaned up my diet. I avoid sugar at all costs because I’m addicted to it. I feel great. But now I know how to get here. So if I have to eat like a hog then so be it.

Hi shredder at your age I was skinny too. I think it is a metabolism thing that goes away with age.
here is me at your current age. We are talking 1973

And then 30 years later…

an 10 year after finding pharma


Since it is using an equation based on population, would you expect a higher reading for someone outside of say 2 standard deviations (or top 2.5%) for muscle mass? I would think more muscle would increase impedance?

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Man, your transformation is bad ass! You even seem to have a tougher look than your before picture, in the face, but in a good way.

My transformation has been really good too. For me, it came down to eating less to drop fat, and training a bit more intensely in the accessory powerlifting lifts (stuff like pullups, chins, rows, incline, ohp, and adding direct arm work). And if course testosterone. I do feel I’ve been pretty moderate though. In the roughly 3 years since starting, I’ve averaged about a 275 mg/wk. That is averaging out the cruises, with the blasts. That average is only test. I’ve done a 7 week run off var at 50 mg/day, and tbol and drol, bit those were only for 3 days each before a big lift.

Experience I remember and that of provider who used it alot was that competitive bodybuilders who were in contest shape would read way high. I saw a dude who must have been 5-7% bf read 11.2% with the inbody. Of course it works the other way too.

The piece I like about it though is the multicomponent piece. It will pick up all the fat is on my waist and essentially none on limbs. So qualitatively it’s pretty useful for most.


Thank you @mnben87 you have no idea how scary it was to post these pictures and expose my weakness. I would like to think the advice I have received from my friends here has made me a better man.


Wow man what a change. Looking great though! Thanks for that @hrdlvn

So I increased my calories by 500 daily so I’m up to 3500 a day plus my shake.
The passed couple nights I’ve been waking up screaming. Can’t remember the dream but each night it’s been 3 or 4 times I wake up screaming or death gripping the blanket or pillow.

Is there any reason to think the two are connected?

Either way I’ll just deal with the screaming I was just curious.