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Did I Mess Up or Am I Okay?

Not going to try an fluff things up just gonna be real. I was 20 YO and really dumb and thought I knew best. I didn’t listen to alot of you on here and I went ahead and did steroids.
Here’s what I did:
10 weeks of test e 500mg per week pinned twice a week. Weeks 1-4 I did 30mg dbol a day (10mg 3x per day)
2 weeks after I was off test. I did 40mg a day Nolvadex for the first 2 weeks and 20mg a day for that last 2 weeks making a total of 4 weeks pct.

I obviously did things wrong. Please I’m not looking for I told yous or your an idiot… I know that.

Now I’m 26 YO 6’ 1" 150 lbs 9% bf and have a small unnoticeable beast tissue in my right nipple. I also can’t seem to put on any weight anymore.
I am trying to do things natural this time around.
I consume 3000 calories a day in whole foods. And I drink a mass gainer with 1250 calories in it.
I workout 4-5 times a week with progressive overload. Seeing minimal results in strength. I’ve been at this regimen for 2 months and have lost 2 lbs…

What are your guys suggestions? Does this seem like an issue that has been caused by using steroids at a young age? Or should I stop looking for answers online and see a doctor… etc
I couldn’t tell you why but I’m afraid of getting a doctor and having to tell them about my use of gear back in the day.

Have you done any bloodwork since you finished you’re PCT to check where your levels are at? If you did, post the numbers.

I have not… are you suggesting getting labs done? It’s been 6 years since I used.

I dont see what and why you did wrong appart from actually starting steroids and then quiting them for no reason(to start or to quit, both).

As far as your problem goes - i think you might not know how to train. For such a small person, 4 times a week is unnecessary. 2 times is a good plan.
As a personal trainer, i can get ANY GIRL to deadlift 220lbs in 5-12 months, depending on how small she is and how fast she gains muscle.
Girls also have very little testosterone.
What im trying to say is - even if your test is shut down, you should be able to gain strenght at least as slow as an average teenage girl. So probably your training sucks, or your understanding of progressive overload sucks, or just everything plain sucks.

Gaining weight is calories in vs calories out. You dont need to ask us questions. So you know you eat 3000 and drink 1250 extra. Does it work? No? Then eat more. Push 5000 total. If it :
1)Does work… Good job, keep going.
2)It does not… Then… Yeap - eat more.

Also, quit doing 4 day splits if you cant eat enough to at least get fat. Its unnecessary. My GF is pushing 250lb deadlift now, with training each of the BIG 4 lifts once every 14 days. The less you eat and less weight you gain the less you should train.

Anyway, i dont think test 6 years ago is still fucking you in the ass. And even if it is, as i said - you should be able to beat average women in their strenght gain on a propper programm - since you say you cant, it means its not test, its the fact you just dont know how to eat and train.


Even a naddy should have a complete male blood panel once a year. More if you are doing gear.
I think your cycle/PCT sounded pretty good. There could be other reasons if you have developed breast tissue. Were you ever fat as a child?

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I do since this would rule out your main concern which seems to be:

Once you rule that out with actual lab results, you can dedicate your time to improving your training and diet which is also most probably lacking as others already mentioned.

I appreciate the insight.
If you wouldn’t mind taking a look at what I do currently for my workout:
Monday is legs
Tuesday chest and tri
Wednesday off
Thursday back and bi
Friday abs and retouch legs with lighter loads.
Weekend off maybe do push-ups and pull-ups on Saturdays.

If it sucks what should I switch too.
I will try and eat more! I’m a celiac so that limits me a bit.
And again thank you!

I have never been over 18% bf in my life

Thank you

Its less the split, as the actual programming of progression. If you are on a real plan, you should know your training at least 3-4 weeks in advance, and you should be able to predict your results in this period of time.
Are you on linear, or wave or block - progression or periodization, etc. You said progressive overload - progressive overload does not really mean to just blindly push reps in hopes that you will sometime add weight and be able to complete same reps. There are long known ways to plan training and predict the outcome.

Also, its not as much as the split as to what you actually do… Saying “monday is legs” is nothing, as you can do box jumps and leg curls, and you can also do 90% squats and deads for 3x3… in both cases you wont make any progress.

So should I just stop trying? You’re only telling me that I suck and everything I’m doing is wrong. How does this help me?

With what you are eating(cal/24hr) and the exercise you have listed you should be putting on several # per week. If your naddy T level is low this could be why you can’t put on any weight or grow any muscle. Do you live in the US? If so google Defy Medical or DiscountedLabs and buy a male hormone blood test. Many here can help you read that test. I have been on TRT for over 7 years and because I blast twice a year I do bloods 4-6 times in one year. 2 full panels and 4 mini’s just to check TT/FT/SHGB/E2/prolactin/HCT

On this lump in your nipple is it visible in the mirror? If so can you post a close-up? No face just your pecs.

No, i am not telling that you suck, i am telling that you dont have the knowledge.
How does this help you? Well… it should help you a lot - so you wont waste 3 years of your life wondering where the problem is - i just told you where it is…
I wasted 7-10 years of my life in the gym not knowing how to train. At 32 i am only starting to make some good progress, because no one said that i just dont know shit.

What to do with this info?
1)Get a trainer who has studied for years to help you fast.
2)Study yourself. I would recomend learning from Dr.Mike from Renessance Periodization, and also buying Jim Wenlders 531 books - at least “Beyond” and “Forever”.

I wont give up you free training plans as people like Wendler have spent their lives to study and write books, and also there are trainers, me included, who earn their living with this.
I just wanted you to know, that in order to get better you need to train correctly. But to train correctly you need to either get some help, or just learn for yourself.

Cheapest and fastest way would be to just buy Wendlers “Beyond” and just hop on one of the programms and follow it for a year.

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Yeah here it is.

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Thanks man sorry for not understanding where you were going with that all but it makes sense.
I have a diet coach and thats how I know how much I’m consuming. And he says I should be gaining eating like this. But doesn’t want to increase my intake to fast for health reasons.
I’ll look into a personal trainer or the wendlers program!

If you are skinny by default you will have to eat shit foods. At least to gain some weight - then you can again maintain weight with clean food.

This video is full of gold for mindset of gaining weight.
Dont try to gain weight only clean. If there are shit foods you can eat - eat em. You have to eat unhealthy just for maybe a year of you train hard and gain good, and then you can go back to maintaining and be super healthy.
But for us - skinny fucks, we cant eat rice and brocolli and gain weight. We have to blend burgers and candy into a shake, and drink that shit :smiley:

Thanks again man.
When I was 19 I gained 30lbs naturally. Took a long time but I was eating a lot more junk foods as well. obviously I’m not 19 anymore so I understand what I did then probably won’t work now. But maybe you’re right and I need some filler food. Would be cheaper too.

They are not symmetrical but this does not look like gyno to me. Some guys have larger nipples this looks more like a pec muscle imbalance. I would spend more time on the decline bench to build your lower pecs.
If you pinch your nipple do you feel anything hard? Is there pain? Do they ever leak a liquid? If not in my totally untrained opinion you are fine.

Lmao there is a hard lump and it’s painful when squeezed. I’ve had it for years. Never gotten smaller or bigger… nothing about it has changed in years.This is why I think it’s gyno. But that is only my untrained opinion. Also when I flex my I can move a good piece of that tissue around like you could fat.

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Hank, sometimes I love you. I’ve been saying this for years. Beginners don’t need splits. Small guys don’t need complexity. Keep it simple.

Hank gave great advice.

Two of my favorite plans for newbies:

  1. Starting strength. Most importantly you have to eat enough, otherwise you’ll look like a T-Rex afterwards. (You could also squat only once a week or two times but then it isn’t SS anymore)

  2. 2 days a week.
    Day 1: squat, press, pull ups
    Day 2: DL, bench, Row

  3. 4 days a week. If one wants to go 4 times.
    Day 1: squat, one assistance, one isolation
    Day2 : press, pull ups, One isolation
    Day 3: DL, one assistance, one isolation
    Day 4: bench, row, one isolation

I may have some bad news for you. I don’t think you are 9 percent BF. I think much higher. But not high. You definitely have to eat. Eat until you gain 1-2 lbs per week. Count calories so you know exactly how much you need for future bulks. Focus on getting stronger in the press, the squat, the bench and the row. That will give you a thick look.

I don’t think you have done much harm with your cycle, in all likelihood.

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