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Did I Mess Up on Salary Negotiation?


I currently work in financial sales, it is a base plus commission position, although right now it is just base because the company "oversold" their products recently, so now employees pay the price. The company is also relocating down south and I am in the northeast. Right now, I am making a little more than half of what I made last year (it was a good sales year, commission almost matched the base.)

So I am in the early stage process of interviewing with another company, so far have just spoken with the recruiter. He asked me if I had a certain number in mind and I said about 3/4's of what I made last year including comp, because I know last year was not typical. However, I can't get it out of my head that maybe I sold myself too short.

Any job right now in the financial area that I have experience in is not easy to come by, so I did not want to set the bar too high. I have already gotten rejections on other offers. If you have confirmed a # with the recruiter, anyone have an opinion if salary is still open for negotiation afterwards?


It’s a recruiter for crying out loud. Just call him back to “clarify” your position. Three quarters of what you made before is the “minimum” you would take if you REALLY liked a company. Most offers will actually need to be much higher.

The recruiter wants to get the placement but he also wants to get you a high salary because he will make more on it. He has incentive to place you at an appropriate salary.