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Did I Mess Up On My AD?


Hey people,

I'm on my Day 6 of the startup phase and did everything precise to the AS book...at least I thought I did. I kept my carbs to around 15-23g/day. However, I do drink lots of black coffee (plain). Someone was telling me that there are hidden carbs in there which I was unaware of and didn't account for.

I drink on an average of almost a full pot. I did loose 5 lbs, but i haven't checked my bodyfay. Did I screw up and now have to restart my startup phase? Will those coffee carbs make a huge difference?


There aren't carbs in coffee, but that's a whole lotta caffeine. Caffeine can help fat loss to a degree, but too much will actually hamper your progress.


I agree with brant. Dr. Lowery talked about the cortisol-raising effects of caffeine in quite a few of his articles. If you're going to keep the coffee, you should go with half caf, or decaf, if you can stand it.


Thanks for the advices. I will cut out caffine all together.

I do have one more question. I have both the old AD and ASolution book. They are practically the same, however, one book said to do the start up phase as normal...meaning begin carbing up on day 6-7 while the new AS said to wait 12 days before your first carb up. Is there a big difference in effect? Is it better for the 12 days? Is 6 days too short?


I think the idea is to get your body switched over to "fat-burning" mode.


12 days is like, more guaranteed. That is, you could do 5-6 but it COULD take you up to a month to properly adapt. 12 days is basically certain that you have.