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Did I Mess Up My Diet?


It’s been almost 1 month and half now I did Intermittent Fasting on “hardcore” version I only eat during 5 hours / 19 fast.

I discover on a french forum this calcultor http://www.1percentedge.com/ifcalc/ after fill the blank it’s give me as result 1520 kcal on rest day and 1900 kcal on workout day.

By the way i’m a girl, 27 years old, 166 cm / 5.44 feet for 63kg / 138 lbs, working behind a computer soo i’m more a sedentary person. I’m using fat secret app for checking my macros.

I also did bodybuilding twice per week on fullbody routine.

Soo since 3 weeks my weight didn’t change at all. I did no cheatmeal at all.

Did you think I should down my macros during the workout day ? The next morning after my workout day my weight on the scale is rising and after with my 1520 calories I came back to the same weight I am actually.

Since 3 weeks every morning I check up my weight on the scale and it’s didn’t change at all after checking on 7 days on the 1st week i’m on the average of 62,9kg, 2nd week: 63 kg, 3rd week 62,9kg

I know weight is not the much important because muscle is more heavy than fat but still i’m totally lost.

Did I need to keep the same macros even when i’m on workout day and stay at 1520 kcal all the time ?

Should I need a refill on carbs ? If yes how it’s working.

I actually messed up so many times my diet then now i’m scared to eat more and did a refill or even a clean cheatmeal

Since fews time i’m avoiding to eat a lot of carbs after reading some articles for T-Nation website, it’s try to keep 2 grams per kilogram of carbs and a little much more like 3-4 grams on workout day.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my English

What does the mirror tell you? As you said, scale weight can be misleading.

In addition, I would stop reading so many sources of information. It’s only going to confuse you and complicate things.

Can you post what you eat in a day and your usual workout? I personally would stop intermittent fasting, some may disagree with me but it also depends on what your goals are. As a women if you want to keep some curves you don’t want to lose all your fat.

Thanks for your reply.

I have some extra fat on my belly and my legs (like all the girl said haha)

I look like between this 2 before pics

Yes I stopped to watch a lot of sources of information since few times but still with all this articles I don’t know what to try for increase my metabolism and lose some weight.

1520 calories is the maximum I get down after then I tried once 1200kcal it’s was too damn low and during this crash test I wasn’t feeling great at all, feeling flabby and I was obsessed by food.

I probably freeze my metabolism with all the stupid stuff I did

You may not be losing weight because you’re gaining muscle. That’s not a bad thing. You will generally gain a couple pounds before you lose it if your lifting weights. Aside from your weight do you notice a difference in how you feel and look?

Thanks for your reply !

Here my Full body routine:

2 minutes of rest between each set

Front squat 10 reps x 3 sets @ 61lbs
Bench 10 reps x 3 sets @ 83lbs
Barbell row on Flat Bench 10 rep x 3 sets @ 84lbs
Hip thrust 10 reps x 3 sets @ 127lbs
Sitting military press 10 reps x 3 sets @ 61lbs
Dumbbell Prone Row Lying on Flat Bench 10 reps x 3 sets @ 34lbs per hands
Abs workout

Daily food routine:
125 grams of protein (x2 my bodyweight) it can be chicken breast, turkey, fish, eggs…
63 grams of fat (olive oil, colza oil, avocado, peanut butter, almonds, coconut oil, cocoa…)
80/120 grams of carbs (rice, quinoa, lentils…)
Veggies (everything but most of the time it’s brocoli, zucchini, tomatoes, spinach…)

Eating something like 2 lbs of veggies / fruits per day for the balance of all the proteins.

Yeah I started to have a little bit a better shape especially my back it’s my strong point and probably the faster parts of the body where you can notive some muscle

Your workout and diet look really good. If I could add anything to it I would add HITT cardio a couple times a week and that’s about it. You’re more than likely just gaining muscle.

Thanks !

One of my friends help me to provide a good bodybuilding routine (at least I never messed up my workout when I started even if some of people says full body is for newbie. He actually did this since 3 years and had a great result !)

Yep I guess but i’m obsessed to see on my weight scale get down under 132lbs it’s on my mind haha

I’ll try some hiit session

You think I should stay at 1520 kcal everytime or should I followed the Intermittent Fasting rules with 1520 kcal on rest day and 1900 on workout day ?

Intermittent Fasting helps me a lot I like to eat big meals when I came back to work I eat all my macros in 2/3 hours and i’m done i’m less obsessed by food then I was this past few years. It’s also the first time I didn’t cheat since 1 month and I don’t need it in my mind. Sometimes i’m just adding some French cheese cancoillotte (lowest cheese on nutrition facts and yummy !) on my macros and my brain and my stomach feel better

If you feel good physically you should stay on your routine. If you do HITT cardio I would personally try to get at least a light protein shake in first but you could try it fasted and if you don’t feel good then get something in your stomach first.

I have done fasted weight training and fasted HITT and it doesn’t work for me. I need that extra fuel before my workouts to really push myself through them. Some people seem to love it so just see how it feels for you.

Alright I will try thanks for your reply !

Just to clarify, are you definitely sticking to your diet?

If you are sticking to it with no major issues, but your fat loss has stalled, I would advise you to lower your workout day calories slightly. Maybe to 1700 or so. As you said, lowering your non-workout calories below 1500 will be very difficult to sustain.

If diet adherence is already an issue, then that’s a different story.

Thanks for your reply

There is no problem about food obsession anymore since I follow my diet on the good way until 1 month. I had no cheat meal or refill since then.

True I will never get down under 1500 anymore I was in a bad mood, always exhausted and my workout session, when I had some motivation was a totally disaster !

Okay so during my workout day I had to eat more than my TDEE for refill the glycogen and eat more carbs I had actually (most of them came from fruits and veggies and that’s all)

If those pics are an accurate representation of your progress, you should be proud instead of worried. Keep up the good work, and don’t forget about the issue of diminishing returns. The closer you get to your proper weight, the more patient you will have to be, because the weigh loss will slow just because our biology “thinks” some extra fat is good to have around for the lean times.

Nope it’s not a representation of my progress. I just want to show where I am actually with my fat i’m between this 2 pictures since I started bodybuilding 8 months ago nothing change about my weight or my belly fat.

I only see results on my back and I started to see some result on my legs but nothing on my belly

there’s a huge difference between those pictures! You’ve not messed up anything at all. You’ve done really well!

I’m waiting for a miracle for see my belly fat move like on these before / after pics haha

I guess with summer coming soon it’s will be more easier for loose this extra belly fat at least I hope

Alright I will try this new presets and see how is going for 3 weeks hope I will start to lose weight one day haha

Those pics aren’t her, she’s using two different “before and after” pics and saying she looks something like a mix between the two before pics. (I think; had to re-read her post).

For the OP: I’d say you’re doing fine based on your diet and workout. Your results are likely slower than you’d like because you are working out 2X a week and lead an otherwise sedendary life based on your initial post. Even if you can add walks of 2-3 miles about 3 times a week I think you’d see an accelerated improvement. But, most importantly, keep up with the consistency and you’ll get to where you want to be.

That’s right sorry for the misunderstanding my English sucks !

I’ll already try 3x a week but I lose all the motivation twice a week is a best option for having time and find no excuse for did them. When i’m at work I usually got outside between lunch time and walk instead of eating.

Thanks for the motivation !

I had a question if i’m eating at my maintain calories (according to 1percentedege.com it’s 1880kcal) for a 3 weeks is that can help my body to relaunch my cortisol level ? For lose weight after my maintain and restarting a deficit.

Or for you 1550kcal on rest day and 1880kcal on a workout day is quite enought for my weight, my height and my way of life ?

oh right. I hate it when people do that

I can understand but i’m not comfy with my body soo i’m avoiding to show it on the internet since I feel great with it