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Did I Inject this Ventroglutes Shot Right?

So I’m taking a TRT dose of testosterone Cyp and only injecting about 0.4/0.5ml a week.

last time (first shot) I was terrified and decided to go subQ in the belly because I have a decent amount of fat there. It didn’t hurt going in but afterwards got a lot of pip and it swelled up a tiny bit and was uncomfortable when touched. It also bled a few drops and some gear came Back out so a bit of wastage.

so today I tried the ventroglutes because a lot of people say they have no major blood vessels or nerves and are safe. I tried for ages to feel the right place. Ended up standing and shifting my weight onto the foot and felt for a little muscular lump, also raised my leg to try and isolate the muscle. After I got the place I injected 90degrees and it went in like butter. No pain couldn’t even feel it.

I am using 29g 0.5inch BD insulin syringes. Draw and inject with the same.

problem is because I couldn’t feel it don’t know if I got it in the muscle. I didn’t aspirate after reading that is old advice and not needed in certain sites. Whilst injecting it bled a bit towards the end but I kept injecting and when I took it out stopped the bleeding with a tissue.

now I can’t feel it at all unlike when I did the belly shot. Did any test get wasted with the bleeding?

I’ve attached some pictures please let me know if it looks like the right spot. And do you think it made it at least to shallow IM?

thanks lads, just scared doing this the first time!

Doesn’t look like quite the right spot, but it absolutely doesn’t matter in the slightest. It’s in your body, it’ll absorb, you’re fine. You can inject basically anywhere, especially with small amounts. Don’t overthink it.

Correct spot is about 1” higher and 1” more toward rear. I pin there all the time and love it. Plenty of videos on you tube showing how to find it.

Like ironyuppie said, don’t panic.

It’s not a concern that you didn’t feel pain with such a small pin. Sometimes you pin near nerve endings, sometimes you don’t. So, sometimes you will feel it, sometimes you won’t.

Doubt it. I need at least a 1.25in to be certain I get IM on VG. I’m fairly lean but hold my fat in lower back/hips area still. 1/2in will hit muscle on my delts but even then I feel better using 1in.

But like others said, it’s still in you and it’ll get absorbed either way

Thanks for letting me know. Definitely will adjust that for next time, I watched so many videos but even they were showing different sites for each guy doing it, got very confusing

But I will use your suggestion next time :+1:

I’m happy about the fact it was pain free, but I heard with the glutes you can get lucky since as you said not many nerve endings

Ah great. I’ll try the suggestions to try get the perfect spot next time. I did feel muscle there and because it didn’t hurt and not too much blood I’m happy with how it went first time injecting near the glutes.

Yeah I think I’m being a typical beginner overthinking everything but glad to know it’ll be absorbed

Up and back brother. But you are close. Welcome to the group.

Thanks brother. Great picture there now I now what to do next time. You know the weird thing, I’m starting to love pinning it :joy: it’s low doses for TRT and I was scared at first but now I like it for some reason

I’m going to keep posting here and using the advice and info for reference and maybe try either delts or the actual VG spot next time

Same as other guy said I use to pin in upper backer area not on the side.