Did I inject Into fat?

Did my first ever injection a minute ago. In my glute.
I’m an idiot and didn’t aspirate becasue I pulled back on the winged part of the syringe, didn’t realize that was the immovable part >.>
I assumed at the time, I had really weak fingers. Noob mistake

Anyway, it stung for the first 1/4 an inch I put in but I felt nothing for the rest of the inch. I am going to buy 1.25 inch neeedles next time, can’t find 1.5s

I barely feel anything now, I can even squat and feel no pain.

If I hit the fat was this shot wasted, is there any way i can be sure it went to the muscle?
Thanks guys.

Also another question aboutn the syringe. When measuring how many ml to draw, I take it back to the black line closest to the needle right? Becasue this part of the syringe also has a triangular poity bit and I suppose (though unlikely) that it could be measured from the tip of that point. or even less likely the lowest part of the black bit.

You measure from the black line and not the “pointy bit”. That point is designed to push out the injectable from the top of the syringe (where the needle starts).

I use the 0,8x40mm syringes (~1,57inch) for glutes.

Unless you have high BF and a fat ass, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be in your muscle? I have never ever experienced any pain while injecting test in my glutes.