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Did I Get Screwed Over

The nice thing is, he’ll be the one screwed over by his mistake. He probably just made himself work a whole lot harder over the next couple of months.

[quote]njworkoutguy wrote:
seeing as how it is the food service industry you may want to go back and umm…shit in the skillet[/quote]

Excellent advice.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
I quit the day it started raining and my plastic trash bag busted open dumping funnel cakes and old cigarette butts all over my Nikes. I don’t miss it one day.


[quote]BoxBabaX wrote:
Haha, this reminds me of when I got fired from my job at papa johns 4 years ago. I made the assistant manager cry (talking shit the whole shift- she was a total BITCH), so she goes and tells the manager the following day and gets me fired :).

Those pathetic losers are gonna be making pizzas their whole life; if you are a student and just working to make money from some shit job while in school, dont worry about it. At your age though, I would seriously consider getting some sort of internship in a field that you may wish to pursue in the future.

I got a job working in a lab and I cant stress how much better I feel working with people that actually have an education (all phD’s and MD/phD’s), than a bunch of high school dropouts. As a side note i’ve worked in papa johns, rubios, electronics boutique, and front desk at a comfort inn, and I am 20. [/quote]

I’m sorry you had this bad experience.

I can’t agree more with Box. If you don’t want to make subs for the rest of your life, don’t worry about it. Those people take it so seriously that you just know they’ll be doing it when they’re 35.

Many people with great careers have gone through similar experiences in their early work days. I was actually sitting around with several nurses, physicians and radiology people one day and we were sharing stories like this.

I once had managers who shared a cocaine habit and would snort on the job, then behave in a similar manner that your asst manager did and I had no recourse, having been 17 and naieve, so I just kept my mouth shut while they ripped on me. I had another job that required a cute uniform that happened to have a very short skirt and a horny manager who would try to cop a feel, somewhat agressively, when he called you to his office, and an ineffective upper management who did nothing about it. Today, those managers are in the same places that they were years ago, while I have moved on to much better, and more satisfying (career wise) things.

In my professional opinion, the two sub store managers were extremely improfessional and don’t know how to manage people. They were also unfair to you as an employee. But it’s a fast food place, so… A manager should never behave in such an overbearing manner, but should treat workers with the same respect that he/she wants in return- even moreso they should be mature enough to be the bigger person, leader and example. In many corporations and companies such inappropriate behavior is grounds for strong disciplinary action and/or termination, and I would bet my bottom dollar that sub company has such a policy, if you wanted to pursue things further, but that would require a lot of time and energy which may or may not be worth your time.

The other issue is it occurred in front of customers. A manager is supposed to be the highest example of professional behavior and customer service and IMHO and he failed this.

The poor quality of managers in the fast food and similar industries is a good motivator in terms of really making you want to finish college and work with other educated people.

Anyway, sorry to sound like a mom, but I do agree that the sub place managers were in the wrong, and you’re better off moving onto better things, getting your education and working in a much more professional, healthy environment. Good luck!