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Did I Get an Infection?

this is my first cycle which consist of trenbolone enanthate from british dragon and stanozolol tab from ip labs heres the problem the first injection which was inject on the lift delt went fine then the second one on the right gave me this weird soreness then itching the soreness and itching wasnt located exactly on the delt but the tri and biceps there is also redness but it only occurs when i touch it or semi itch it … the question is … is this an infection or something else
p.s. i used 5/8 by 25 needle to shot it

If the area is red, swollen, painful, and warm then you have an infection. Go see a doctor IMO, otherwise I don’t know…

Have you done any research at all regarding injecting and different areas to inject to?
The only reason i ask is a 5/8" needle is way too short. The solution is getting into the muscle where it should be.
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