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Did I Fry Myself After Hitting PRs?

Ok so this Tuesday just gone I had an absolutely amazing workout after 3 days of complete rest.

But I think I’m paying for it now :frowning:

The gym was closed on the Monday due to a bank holiday so it messed up my 4 day upper / Lower training schedule a bit.

So i ended up combining Monday and Tuesday’s workouts into a bit of a monster session to make up for missing Monday.

I never miss workouts so I was eager to get in the gym after 3 whole days off - and to my surprise I ended up smashing personal bests on both the deadlift and squat.

The session was as follows …

Deadlift - 190kg x 12 (touch n go) new PB
190kg x 9 (touch n go)

Incline bench press - 90kg x 7 85kg x 7 80kg x 8 75kg x 10

Squat - 100 kg x 8 (new PB) 100kg x 7 100kg x 6

Weighted chins - 20kg x 5 15kg x 5 15kg x 5 15kg x 4

Incline db press - 4 sets - pyramided up to the 42 kg Dumbbells for 5 reps - New PB

T bar rows - 4 sets reverse pyramid

Lat raises - 1 set of 25 reps

(I also took a pre workout drink prior to the workout and I’ve not touched them in years so needless to say I was absolutely off my tits lol )

For the last few months I’ve been using basic linear progressive overload on a 4 day upper lower split with the compound lifts in the 6 - 8 rep range and it’s been working nicely increasing the weight slightly each week…

Anyways I woke up Wednesday with some pretty bad DOMS and took the day off as I usually would on a Wednesday.

Then today (Thursday) would usually be upper body day with more shoulder focus …

So I went ahead as usual but had an absolutely terrible workout …

I was at least 2 reps down on pretty much everything and felt weak as fook.

Also my form is usually extremely solid but today it just felt sloppy like I was struggling to handle my usual weights.

I ended up just abandoning the workout and storming out in a huff

I think I must’ve really fried myself with that Tuesday workout :frowning:

Infact I’m still feeling pretty sore and generally lethargic …

Just feeling pretty annoyed right now cos I feel like that bank holiday has screwed up my routine and derailed me

I was thinking I might just take tomorrow off and regroup over the weekend …

Then continue as normal from Monday onwards write this week off as a deload or something …

Haven’t deloaded for several months anyway so it’ll probably do me the world of good.

On a side note I maybe just suffering a bit of a come down from that epic pre workout drink lol

I haven’t touched those things for many years and combined with the fact I had been forced to take 3 days off … Maybe it was just a winning combination.

Extra rest can reduce fatigue causing you to perform better.

Going extra hard can cause fatigue causing you to perform worse.

You experienced both of these.[quote=“benben, post:1, topic:221167”]
I ended up just abandoning the workout and storming out in a huff

Don’t do this. You will not be 100% every day. Adjust weights as necessary to hit your rep ranges, and keep going. Suck it up. You can not PR every day.


Thanks for your input goochadamg :slight_smile: You pretty much just simplified my entire post lol

But yes it should be common sense to me by now after 10 years training that fatigue levels pretty much dictate performance …

Especially now I’m getting older … I’m 31 now and definitely finding that I’m recovering slower than I used to :frowning:

It’s not so much my muscles as they still recover pretty quick … But it’s the general drive and power output that seems to take longer for me to recharge these days …

  • I know storming out of the gym wasn’t the most mature way to handle a bad workout. But I figured if I wasn’t hitting my previous weeks reps then I was just wasting my time.

I know every session can’t be a PB … But i like to at least match my previous weeks numbers

NOT training will always be a bigger waste of time. If I can’t hit my previous weights, I make up for it with more volume, shorter rest times, more exercises, drop sets, rest pauses, etc. There is ALWAYS some way to progress.


LOL…you have NO idea!! :laughing: wait until you hit Masters age.

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Food. I’m you’re age, been training for about six years. If I’m eating right my training is fine 90% of the time.

Well it seems like its just an upper body issue …

I sucked it up and continued as usual … Today was lower body day and everything progressed as per plan.

Hopefully after the weekend I’ll be back on track :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I’m going to say it.

People have bad days at the gym. It happens. You just move on. Unless you are having a bad week or month, in which case, I would review what I did and adjust accordingly.

But you self imposed a bad day and wondering what happen? Advice is same as bad day. Move on.

You do not fry, overtrain, hit the wall etc because of a singular work out.