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Did I F Myself?


ok heres the situation, i've been training for about 9 months and been seen really good progress, just to give an example i do all my work using DB, and about 1 month ago i was doing 4 days a week workout, 2 days upper body 2 days lower body, drinking Surge & Grow!, then i went to 3 times a week, Full Body Workout and worked myself up from lifting barely 45 lb DB to lifting in Flat Chest 8 rep with 65 lb DB, then 7 reps 75, then 6 reps 85 and finaly 4 or 5 of 90 lbs DB. Then for about 1 month i ran out of Surge and noticed a DRAMATIC change, i can barely lift 75 lb DB's!! im really worried, did i fuck myself up?

a normal full body workout was
Squats, flat chest, skullcrushers, row, hammer curls, crunches, something like that.

is it possible to train for a while and get to a slow point and freeze up?


If you noticed such a big drop in perfoemace, something tells me your diet isn't up to snuff. Don't get me wrong, post-workout nutrtion is important, but you shouldn't experience such a drop in performace just by running out of Surge. What are your eating habits?


Well screw your self up I would say NO.

Problem yes maybe. Why did you stop the Surge and did you replace it with something? 1 serving is 350 k/cals you know and a good amount of High quality Protein and Carbs. You will need to either get more Surge or replace this intake with something if you are to expect the same gains/progress. The fire needs fuel.

Yes you can get stagnant, Top that off with Crap nutrition where you are not eaqting enough and you can go in reverse. Overtraining due to inadequate Nutrition. Along side with your body having adapted to the program. switch it up a bit even simple changes in reps and/or rest, load. Or a total change in the scheme. Also get your nutrition under control. Then see what happens.

Hope that helps,


Sounds like over training. Like your body's burned out and needs rest. Or somethign different re rep schemes and weights for a while. Especially if your diet hasn't been up to snuff.


u guys hit the nail, i havent been eating the same, work has been pretty crazy and i've been very busy, now that i come to think of it i barely use the Grow!, and i stoped using Surge because i ran out and T-Nation was Out of Stock for about 3-4 weeks, just today my order of 4 jars of Surge and 2 of Grow! came in, that should last about 2 - 3 months, i relly hope things get back to normal, in 89 days im going back to Colombia to see my family and i really want to look good, i have a wedding and a graduation party so i wanna look good.

thank you all who replied i really appretiate it (forgive my writting, its 12:43 and im a bit tipsy, been drinkn Aguardiente)
thanks guys, cya


When I run out of my post-workout beverage I susbstitute it with skim milk. Not as good but better than nothing.

Just my 2 cents.


No. You did not screw yourself. It's nothing permanent. You're just not recovering as well because your PWO nutrition is not good. A. Get some more Surge. B. Make your own combo of hydrolyzed whey, malto, and dex. C. If neither of these possible, just do what you can to get fast-acting carbs and protein in you soon after working out. It'll be fine.


well, then. you're fine


You probably just hit a plateau. You need to change your workout a bit. Vary your set/rep schemes, use barbells instead of the DB's, even use a machine or two. I've found that varying your workout and the exercises within them is one of the most important things you can do. I don't think that temporarily running out of Surge is the problem.


Surge is definitely not the primary factor here. Don't get me wrong, it's a great product, but it's nothing magical by any means. 100 grams of dextrose and 75 grams of whey work just as well for me, but your symptom definitely sounds like overtraining. Depending on how severe it is, you'll definitely want to take some time off, maybe two weeks of easy lifting, leave about 2-3 reps in the hole, never go to failure, and don't worry about skipping a couple workouts...you'll need it. If I were in your shoes I would lift two times a week for two weeks and pick totally different exercises. Don't be afraid of the barbell bud. I also concur with the other guys, your diet as a whole needs to be revamped.


thanks guys, i will approvach this week differently and will post on friday hwo things go.