Did I F*ck Up My Clomid PCT?

Ok, so my thinking was that while a long cycle of AAS causes shutdown, a short cycle of PH (h-drol 75mg x 5wks) would only cause suppression, and therefore I could get away with less Clomid.

So instead of running a standard

300 first day
150 first week
100 second week
50 third and fourth weeks

I was planning on doing less Clomid

100 first week
75 second week
50 third and fourth weeks

But then I started to think about Clomid’s half-life, and how much is active in a person’s system at any given time.

Given that Clomid has a half life of 5-7 days, that means that someone doing 300/150/100/50 would have approximately 900mg active in their system at days 11 and 12. With the lighter dosage I’m running, the peak is approximately 580mg at the peak.

My question is - am I taking enough to get shit going again? I’m having a hard time figuring it out on my own; I’m getting morning wood again, my balls are back to normal, but at the same time I’m really fucking tired most of the time.

Any thoughts or experiences would really help.

Assuming your clomid is legit and hopefully not research chem, 100/75/50/50 is sufficient

Did you get any results from your H-drol? I did a cycle of h-drol never did much for me.

GGLife: I got the Clomifene from Zimbabwe, with help from a friend of mine who’s been effective at getting shit online. I got some Tadalafil at the same time, and that made me feel like I was 15 again. So the assumption I made was that if one worked, the other would work too.

lens_d: I loved the H-Drol. I felt like I got stronger through my workout instead of getting tired - really was able to increase my total volume of work, I gained about 5 pounds per week, I got leaner, and I felt like I was king of the world. If I could stay on it forever, I would.

So are you saying Dick_In_A_box that by the end of your oral PH cycle you had gained 25lbs. Why do I feel like that is a lot of weight to gain on an oral PH? Nice name btw.