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Did I do the right thing?

Well, after 10 years, I finally tossed all of my muscle magazines away. I had a shitload of them. Flex, M&F, MMI, MD, MM2K, Ironman, PLUSA, you name it. There was easily two hundred. The reason why I did it was that I finally got sick and tired of all of the bullshit articles by pros, the bullshit supplement pitches and all of that nonsense that appeals to kids. It also was kind of funny to look back at what supplements were being hyped at a certain time and which pros were on top. My problem is, I looked through a lot of them at least 5 times a day as a source of motivation and now I have nothing to read nor any photos to aspire to. Since I’ve been reading T-Mag, I’ve learned more about training and nutition this past year than in the past 5. Not since the old MM2K has a magazine really taught me anything but I got rid of those too. I mean, I feel that I know what I have to do in and out the gym to get results but all of that was such a part of me and very hard to let go. T-mag is the best. I just hope I don’t go crazy with no muscle mags. Anyone know where I can get all of the print versions of T-mag back issues?

I also got rid of a couple of stacks of old muscle mags. Donated em to the gym I train at for people to read on the cardio machines. I no longer buy any muscle mags other than print T-mag. When I get the urge to look at a muscle mag I simply go to chapters and sit their and read it for free. If I’m lucky there might be two articles worth reading in any one of the popular mags.

Think of all the money you are saving, by not buying that crap! I just read the “Ghost Dog” column here every month to find out what’s being written about, and that satisfies my curiousity.

Still, no one has answered his last question. Where can we get some back issues?

I didn’t even give them to the gym. I was looking at them and all of a sudden, I said to myself, “I don’t need this garbage.” Then I hauled them all out to the trash. The Body for Life book was in there too. I know everyone will get a kick out of that! So, I ask again, Is there anyplace I can send for all of the print versions of T-Mag?

I was on Netrition this morning, and they have issues 5,6, and 8 available for purchase. It’s not all of them, but it’s a start.

I would probably kept the first issue of MM2K, just because it could be a collectors item. If it was in mint condition.

I’m nostalgic. I actually still have all my old MM2K magazines. I’m talking the ones where TC did so much of the writing, and you had Dan Duchaine and Charles Poliquin, etc. The advice, of course, is pretty similar to what you see here.

SlapMonkey, back issues are available to current Testosterone subscribers by calling

You did the right thing, but I hope you recycled them.

Good point. 'Cuz if you recycled 'em at least there is a chance they will become toilet paper, and that would be so much more satisfying.