Did I Damage My Thyroid with Cytomel?

Hi, so I’m 19 year old female, I started 12.5 mcg of Cytomel a month ago because of severe fatigue, depression and highish tsh. I used it for 25 days and stopped because a doctor told me to. I took thyroid tests and now my thyroid is wayy worse than it was even before taking the cytomel. My TSH went up and t3, free t3, t4 and free t4 really went down… so my labs post Cytomel are worse than before Cytomel…

I’m very scared I made permanent damage to my thyroid and I saw some conversations about t3 here so I was wondering if anyone has some feedback. For now I reinstated the t3 and will try to taper off the 12.5 mcg slower I’m very scared to say the least.

No - your thyroid will bounce back, give it time don’t believe the nightmares that all the bro science ppl post. It will bounce back and you will be fine …tapering off is a good thing tho

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You will be fine most likely.
Dont use it more tho. I dont see how it is better than just caloric deficit and cardio. I have never understood why people take some weird drugs to lose weight if losing weight can be done with diet and cardio. Its not like building muscle where at some point you cant do it naturally no matter what you do. You can always lose fat naturally - its the easiest most basic thing.


She mentions taking it for “severe fatigue, depression and highish TSH”, nothing about losing weight

@xxx11, you’ll almost certainly be fine, especially at your age. 25 days is nothing.

Why did you stop out of curiosity? Did your symptoms not get better? Did the most recent doctor tell you it was dangerous for you?

Hi, thanks for the reply, I stopped cause my doctor told me he didn’t wanted me to be on it anymore and I was also not feeling any better on it, actually it made my fatigue worse which is strange…

I was told my thyroid might be suppressed right now but what’s strange is that my TSH is high now and the thyroid hormones low so I would imagine that if the thyroid system was truly suppressed my TSH would also de suppressed from the medication. That’s why I’m so sacred. Plus I’m also feeling sort of pain in my thyroid area.

Please go seek the assistance of qualified medical professional. Not trying to be rude but just honest…you are in over your head so please don’t self medicate. TSH high, TSH low does not mean what you think it means.


So your thyroid is suppressed, this is normal. That’s one reason to taper thyroid hormones. TSH then gets high because your T4/T3 is low. If TSH is too high, your thyroid starts growing. This might be the reason you feel uncomfortable there.

As @readalot said, seek medical help. Thyroids are complete standard to every medical doctor out there. Go and get a plan. They might do labs again in a few weeks or try a treatment plan.

I’m surprised you were completely left alone with your question when a doctor is treating you. Call him, ask him about it. This is not a difficult subject.

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Probably will bounce back. I was on cytomel. Didn’t make me feel any better, so I stopped. Interestingly after I did that I lost a bunch of weight. Might have been the calorie deficit :thinking:

I didn’t have better energy on it either, and really didn’t notice a difference off of it. I did taper down the dose until like 5 mcg, then off.

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