Did I Contaminate My Gear?

I’ll get to my question in a minute, but this first:

I’m 21, 5’7, currently 211 lbs at ~13-14% BF. I started at 196 and ~14% bf. (I weighed around ~165 at the beginning of February, and got to 196 naturally. Obviously… hah)

So I started my first cycle two weeks ago:

Wk 1-8 Test E 500mg/wk, shot 2x/wk
Wk 1-4 D-bol 30mg/day, split up over 3 times a day
Wk 1-4 adex .5mg/day
Wk 4-8 adex ~.3-.4 mg day

PCT will be standard nolva 40/40/20/20 started two weeks after my last shot.

Anyway, I was doing my glute shot tonight… heated up my gear, brought it over to my bathroom and was about to inject when I realized I had forgot to swap the top of the vial of test. I immediately grabbed an alcohol swabbed the shit out of the top, hoping to sterilize the rubber and possibly the hole from the pin. I put the cap back on that syringe, put it in a ziplock bag and threw it in the fridge.

I grabbed my other vial and did an injection, which I remembered to do everything correctly with.

So, for that vial that I forgot to swab…

  1. Is it still sterile, or do I need to buy a new vial, bake it and put it through a filter before it’s sterile again?

  2. It’s unsafe to use that [now preloaded] syringe in my fridge, correct?

I did a search and BBB said something about baking it ASAP. I know bacteria multiply fairly quickly, so I was wondering if by “ASAP” BBB was speaking talking about hours, or days.

I only ask because I didn’t imagine I’d be this big of a retard, and don’t have any sterile vials/filters on me. I’ll order them tonight, if need be. That said, I don’t want to bake my gear now and have nothing to put it, and I don’t want to bake it with the rubber stopper and have the vial shatter in the oven.

Would refrigerating the bottle help minimize the reproduction of bacteria if it’s in there?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

If you are asking if not swabbinbg a sealed pre-manufactured vial of AAS means it gets contaminated - then absolutely not.

I love that avatar BTW. Very cool!

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Most excellent. Thanks.

eheh Brook and BBB that sing the same song? I’m sure you’re happy your gear is ok! : )

do you practice drawing a volume of air into the barrel first and injecting it into the vial to make drawing oil easier?
most of us do,and what you did is no different than pumping a ml of “dirty” air into the vial before drawing out oil.

your gear is fine.

Xwhatever number we are at.

Your gear is fine unless you were scraping dried poop off your toilet bowl with your needle before putting it into the vial.

Funny, though, on my own first cycle, I forgot to swab the vial once and realized it after I’d stuck the needle in. I subsequently freaked out and threw away around 4mls of (at that time) very precious gear. So yeah, I know where you are coming from. Difference between you and me is that you had the humility to ask, and now you won’t make the same stupid mistake I did!

[quote]Cortes wrote:
"…you were scraping dried poop off your toilet bowl with your needle before putting it into the vial.

Oh right… so are you saying that is NOT the protocol?