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Did I Come on Too Strong?


Here's the scene: I'm sipping a cosmopolitan at my fave haunt, "Smokin' Joe's Firepole" (which I'm told, used to be a hangout for firemen but was taken over by the gay community due to the cheeky name). It's a Thursday, and I'm cruisin' for dudes. Along with me is my BFF Miranda, who possesses one of the most acute gay-dars in the world. Mine is a bit out of whack sometimes, so I rely on her to separate the wheat from the chaff for me. Another sip of cranberry-infused ambrosia, and I see him, all the way across the bar...

Hip-hugging skinny jeans? CHECK!

Gemstone-encrusted tanktop that says "Loverboi"? CHECK!

Gravity-defying hairdo held in place with 200ccs of "BedHead Manipulator"? CHECK!!

Pointy, faux-alligator shoes tapping in tune to the Pet Shop Boys? DOUBLE CHECK!!

I sick Miranda on him. She chats him up a bit, and comes back with her verdict.

"You sure he plays for my team?" I ask.

"He's as gay as a rainbow-braided 'My Little Pony'" she replies.

My heart was beating faster than Liberace sews sequins onto his robe. He looked like a strong, strapping sort of lad, so I thought a firm handshake would be the most appropriate of greetings.

"Ouch, don't hurt me" he replied.

I walk away, completely dejected. I verbally chastise Miranda, but she assures me her judgment is spot on and that he plays for team gherkin. Upon closer scrutiny I think I just came on too strong. He just had such big, inviting hands...the type that know how to hug.

Thoughts? Is this salvageable?


I lol'd


I cried, tho not sure why


Thanks for the shrinkage.


Thanks for making me have to swallow my own vomit



Okay, I've gotten tired of all the parody and take off threads, but this one was pretty good.


Ah....I see what you did there. A parody post within a parody thread. You must have just seen Inception to have such knowledge of multi-levelness.


I agree. This is pretty, pretty, pretty good.


Actually, I just thought, "how would DBCooper respond to this post", and that is what popped in my head.


I wouldn't take it personally. Chances are you were the third guy that night to try that.

Try being more original next time.