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Did I Bulk Right?


I am new to lifting weights as of 3 months ago. The first month I started lifting I decided to cut down my body fat because I was starting to look like a weak tub of crap.

I really switched my diet around (did the GreenFace diet) and made heavy use of HIIT, and ended up dropping 20 lbs in a month (kind of an extreme number, but I think a lot of that was being bloated from eating crap all the time). After that I decided to bulk up for the first time in my life, because it just seemed like the right thing to do (I really didn't think that I would enjoy weight-lifting so much and just wanted to see where it went).

Started bulking 2 months ago, increased my consumption of free-eating high quality nutrients (but no grains, and no dairy) to the point I was almost constantly eating... oh yeah, and started doing squats, squats, and more squats. Made some great gains since then, increased presses by 300-330% from 3 months ago (for those who may need an idea of gains using real numbers, I added 100 lbs. to my bench press) I also added an 1 1/2 inches to my arms, not to mention a noticeable physique change in the same period of time.

However, I did lose an additional 10 lbs during my "bulking" phase (which now places my body fat around 12.3%). Did I do something wrong there? I thought you were supposed to increase in weight during a bulking phase. I have increased in size and strength, but not weight. Am I misguided in believing that you should always experience weight gain while bulking?


Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I have been using an Iso Protein Powder for ~3 months now, Creatine for 2 1/2 months, and Beta-alinine & Triple Strength Medical Grade Fish Oil for 2 months. For each supplement I added I saw a marked increase in performance... could the addition of Beta-alinine and completion of Creatine loading account for weight loss?



You lost weight because you were not eating enough to maintain the weight you were.

I get the impression that you might be getting carried away with eating clean as doing so can make it very difficult to consume enough to gain.

Sometimes newbies experience this when they take things they read from a bodybuilder's fat-loss program and try to apply it to gaining.

For more detailed help, let us know exactly what you're eating on a daily basis.


However, to follow up on my prior post, what you should be focused on at this point is building muscle and strength. There is no reason for your to want to gain additional fat. In fact, I recommend that you limit fat gain at your body fat percentage.

So, judge your progress on your strength and muscular gains, not scale weight. If you continue to make progress you will eventually increase your weight, but this shouldn't be your focus.


So you're gaining muscle while losing fat and want to change something?


Success or failure depends completely on how you look.

Are you closer to looking like you want?


Sounds good HK24719. I won't sweat adding on scale weight and keep on doing what I am doing since it seems to be working well.


Yup. I guess I should be looking at that as a bench mark instead.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post, it really helped put my goals in perspective.


you added 100 lbs to your bench in 2 months and youre complaining??? I envy you hahaha


Three months actually :smiley: I just followed the stuff on the website, mostly with what Dr. Clay and Dave Tate say. Call me a bit of a perfectionist, I always like to do better, but I am very happy with my results none the less.


yeah dude you should be. I'm sure a lot of guys (including myself) wish they had gone so smart AND tough on themselves in the beginning stages of training. ITS THE BEST TIME TO GET AS BIG AND STRONG AS POSSIBLE WHEN EVERYTHING IS FRESH!!!!