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Did His Shoulder Just Spring a Leak?


look at the guys shoulder on the far left.



WTF! Infection or what? Looked like white puss. I could be wrong.


yeh thats what i thought it was.


now thats just f'in retarded...funny though

infection or not he had to have just had a needle in that shoulder for it to erupt like that, it amazes me what bodybuilding has become. more like strategic injection mapping. could have been MCT oil or other site oil used to balance body parts just before contest time. Its been so many years since i was involved but even before site injections were widely used there were a couple of products that caused a fairly rapid inflammatory reaction that could swell an area up where needed. but like i said i quit following BB years ago.


It is disturbing non the less lol. The thing was pouring out. Maybe the bodybuilding vets on here would know but I'm stumped either than an infection of some sort.


I never watched the video where Gregg Valentino's arm basically exploded. Was the stuff that came out of his arm a similar color? (what a gross discussion)


Gregg Valentino's arm did not "basically explode". What they meant by was exploded with size. What came out he said I recall was him draining all the blood and god knows what else out of his arm. However, the documentary did not show what came out.


The video reminds me of this guy...pumped a little too much oil into his bi:



that looks like synthol. Look at his shoulders, especially at the beginning of the video. They seem oddly shaped, esp when compared to the guy beside him.


GATORADE. is it in you?


I saw that documentary. The British version was called "The Man Who's Arm Exploded" and they did try to imply that his arm actually exploded. In the British version, they did show what came out of his arm. He actually video taped himself draining the puss and blood. Absolutely disgusting. What they failed to mention is that Gregg's muscles are basically filled with synthetic motor oil. He didn't get the nickname "Synthol Man" for nothing.

The whole video was an indictment on steroids (in England, it's legal to possess and use steroids, just not sell them). Apparently the video producer thinks steroids should be made illegal in England too.


You can watch "The Man Who's Arm Exploded" in segments. Here's the first one:


it was synthol, he probably didn't inject/take care of the site properly with massaging, etc


FUCK that was unsettling!


Wow - that's repulsive!


Yeah....that is why I hate synthol. If you can't build it, quit faking it.

I see guys at NPC contests with it clearly in their shoulders and it is almost always noticeable. You can tell when someone has the genetics for really big lateral delts because their entire shoulder complex is big, not just the lateral head.


More than likely he just had it done right before the contest. I have never seen someone break open a wound like that unless it was very recent.


Why is it white? I thought synthol was clear, or at least a light color.

I'm assuming it's pus mixed with the synthol pouring out as the injection site is obviously infected...

Man, that's fucking nasty - and so not worth it.


Holy crap ! Now THAT was gross !
Shooting oil to make up for lack of gym time is pretty lame IMO.


little bit of sick came up then