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'Did He Died?'


hey people,

If any of you have noticed on youtube and other video sites,

People have started this kind of fad, Posting comments on videos like

*Did he Died ?

*Will He died ?

*Dids he dieded ?

*Did he deathed ?

( Yes using incorrect grammar on purpose lol )

I think its funny as I see it in almost every video like in the Failbog on youtube.

What do you guys think? Find it Funny Or Hate it ?

*The guy with the user name who started it on yotube

if you haven't noticed it by now , You will.


I'd imagine that not everyone there is intentionally using incorrect grammar... Besides, there are plenty of people who say things equally ungrammatical, "I be ..." is common. I also have this feeling that many people who use horrid excuses for contractions like "namean" don't have a clue what they're contracted from either.

In short... hate it.


Ok, let me sum up how this thread'll go:

"I think it shows lack of education"

"noz, ur stoopid its text speek"

"My God, what's wrong with some people?"

"wuts wrong with yer face?"

"Blow me"

"yer a homo"

Blah Blah blah blah on and on until it dies...


Isn't that how EVERY thread goes?

"I think this just supports my ideological viewpoint"

"No, you're clearly an idiot"

inset bad argument here

"Yeah, well you're a horrible anti-American liberal"

"You're just stupid"


Let people have their fun.


Looks like an offshoot of lolcat grammar. I think it attracts the same moronic teenage crowd that overused 'pwnage' in the past, overuses 'epic' (or "full of win") now, and will eventually overuse this term in the future.


Thanks for ruining the ending you damned bed wetter.




Don't forget "there's a lot of haters up in here."


...I bet you guys didn't forecast this



Dont post personal pics of yourself, no-one wants to see that object between your legs


I didn't see that coming.....


Where did this Lolcat stuff come from??


rules 1 & 2 man


I Dont know..


this thread is stupid and gay


yeah it is now that your in it.

Get a life, its a "stupid" thread in the post what ever the fuck you want section of the site

who are you The Boss - Get the F out


lets get some more lolcats in here


i say "did he died?" even on sports training videos now.. they usually get removed though.

yes i still find it funny.

"is he dies?"

"did he deads?"

"did he died?"

and say if the guy in a fail vid gets hit in the nuts, you go:

"is his nuts died?"


"did his nuts died?"


"is his penis death?"




I'd hit it


is his penis death?

ahahahhaha thats hilarious