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Did First Delt Injection, Shoulder Soreness and Pain

So, i did yesturday my first delt injection, 0.6ml with 0.5 needle, lenght 25mm. The injection spot has no pain or anything at all, but my shoulder looks like i have put there synthol or something… like 5 cm under the spot i injected and goes like 10cm or something ? it feels like some one had throw a hard punch to my shoulder. Also since no need to aspirate in shoulder, but first time i got a only few coughs and throat felt bit wierd like 30 seconds.

What did you inject? That’s the critical piece of info. Compound, ester and concentration please

Testomix, 1ml=250ml has 25mg prop, 75mg cyp, 75mg enanthe and 75mg testosterone isocaproate ? made to grape seed oil, and my was 0.6ml injection.

Prop hurts. Always does, always will.

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Delts took me at least a month to get used to. I also sometimes get the synthol look in the side delt after the injections. Take it as a win. Who doesn’t want wider shoulders.

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Thanks for you both replying. All went shit when i last time posted here and started my cycle june, and it lasted 4 months. I was off gear 3 month, didnt do any PCT… Now just started and going to go with 250ml split in 2 doses. It is little bit warm. It is just wierd why i feel nothing in the injection spot ? why it is “much” under the injection spot “almost” halfway my bicep in sideway. If i lift my hand up sideway, i definately feel it in my muscle… like i have got a big punch.

That’s a subq leak. The oil leaked out of the muscle and into the subcutaneous fat under your skin. They happen and they can hurt.

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Your possible subq leak combined with the prop ester is the killer. What I’ve done is heat and massage a lot. Get a Theragun if you don’t have one. The knock offs are $30-40 on amazon and work great.

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hope that fuckin killer does not mean KILLER = death??

LOL no I mean killer pain

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