Did Cycle on Top of TRT, Feeling Terrible/High Estrogen. Help?

Dear Forum members,

I have been testogel’s for since April 2018. I was using 4 pumps per day. Then I decided to go onto Sustanon jabs, I injected once per two weeks, but I still took the testogel on top till I felt the injections kicked in, just didn’t want to go through a shutdown, but then as usual, me being irresponsible, I decided to hit a cycle of test, so I increased my sustanon to 750 per week, one morning I woke up feeling dreadful, as if I am shut down again, terrible feeling, so I got bloods done.

The results came back as

Total Testosterone is like over 3000 (which is expected)

while my estrogen has come at a high 405 pmol.

Do you guys think its the estrogen causing me these issues, feel depressed, anxious, some hot flushes, just basically dreadful, last week I felt like I was on top of the world, as a fact I felt great for months till I start with the higher infrequent doses of sustanon.

Any help would be great.

How often are you taking the sustanon. If you are taking 750mg 1x/week your androgen status will be all over the place, the same can be said with a shot of sustanon e2w for TRT. sustanon is a blend of short and a long ester, it was designed to (in theory) last three weeks by having each ester release into the body as time went by, however this isn’t how it works, and what actually happens is you have a massive peak and then testosterone levels quickly drop off. The rollercoaster effect may be contributing to your toubles

Secondly you may have the “test flu” , I’m admittedly not sure what causes this or if it’s bro science however the test flu is a period where the body feels sick as it adjusts to high levels of testosterone. Other reasons could be spikes in E2, high blood pressure, bacteria present in solution (however you have pharma grade it seems), sudden increase of red blood cells etc.

Thirdly aromatase inhibitors, your estrogen is high, while I personally don’t worry about this for some high estrogen can cause a myriad of negative health symptoms such as fatigue, low libido, high blood pressure etc. It’s strange as this is the third time I’ve posted this info but I’m going to post it again. You have suicidal and non suicidal AI’s to choose from. All Suicidal AI’s are steroidal AI’s (aromatase inhibitors with a steroidal backbone), they work by irreversibly binding to the aromatase enzyme and deactivating/killing the aromatase enzyme. This means once use of the drug is stopped an estrogen rebound isn’t possible. If this sounds scary don’t worry the body will synthesize more aromatase enzyme when use of the drug is ceased. Non suicidal (non steroidal AI’s) reversibly bind to the aromatase enzyme therefore stopping the enzymes effects. Due to the only reversibly binding to estrogen receptors it is possible for a sudden spike in estrogen to occur once discontinued. SERMS bind to tissues sensitive to the effects of estrogen such as breast tissue therefore blocking the effects of estrogen without actually reducing levels of circulating estrogen in the body. A warning about clomiphene is that it’s actually two drugs, enclomiphene and zuclomiphene. Zuclomiphene possesses significant estrogenic activity and binds to certain receptors in the brain, acting like estrogen. Therefore clomiphene can have some very negative side effects with regards to mood and whatnot.

Finally, is there the possibility you’ve just come down with some sort of sickness like the flu or a cold etc.

Thanks for your reply

I only really increased my dosage last week from 250 to 750, then suddenly on the Sunday Morning woke up feeling like crap. I just feel totally crap. My bloods indicate very high estrogen, basically 109 pg/ml in US units, I have taken a arimidex 0.025 yesterday to see how things go, but still woke up feeling crap, but much better than Monday for sure. Just feel agitated, anxious and low. The moods go from positive to negative. Like you said, like a roller coaster. I don’t know what to do now, maybe should I just not inject for a while for the test level to go down with the estrogen, and then return back to my usual schedule where I felt much better?how long do you think I should take the arimidex? if I plan on returning back on a low dose?

I can’t give you advice on how long or what dose to take the arimidex as every individual is different with regards to their response to their reaction to said drug. 0.25mg EOD is typically a good starting point, get bloods and re assess. Remember anxiety can cause a lot of these symptoms, I’m not saying it’s in your head but if you are anxious this can greatly exaggerate the severity of symptoms.

I’m not advising you to continue nor discontinue your cycle, you should speak to a more experienced member on this forum for that kind of advice. What I will ask is what are your stats, years lifting and diet as this can play a pivotal role in how effective a cycle is.

Also I’d you are on a shot of sustanon e2w for TRT try one 125mg shot per week or even better two 62.5mg shots per week split every 3.5 days, this will lessen the rollercoaster effect given by one shot every two weeks. Once again if you decide to try this outlined protocal get bloods and reassess/evaluate how you feel. TRT is very individualistic, some people require 250mg/wk just to get what others experience on 100mg/wk.

That’s an insane e2 reading. It is 100% why you feel like shit. Because you’re on gel and can get back to normal pretty easily I would say stop your injections for now. You can always circle back and try again when you’re ready to manage the side effects properly. But right now you’re not a responsible user, and I think you know that. Give yourself a few weeks for the rest of the Sust to clear and get back to your baseline with the gel. Then lay out a plan for a cycle and come back here and post it. You’ll get some feedback and hopefully that’ll have a better result than your current one.

Do you think the estrogen will lower itself as the less testosterone is in the body- I was thinking of just jabbing 125mg per week from this Saturday as the gels are no longer available due to stock. I just want to feel normal again and don’t want to blast high doses any more.

Well obviously your body will have less test converting to E2 on 125mg/wk compared to 750mg/wk. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. 750mg is 6x more testosterone than 125mg therefore it is only logical to come to the conclusion that your E2 will get lower as the body won’t have as much test to convert to E2. If you want truly stable levels with sustanon without peaks and valleys EOD injections are required due to the propionate ester. This equates to you injecting 35.71mg every other day (35.71/2 * 7=124.985) which equates to 0.14284ml EOD (250/10*X=35.71=1.4285=.14284). Either way either protocal will work but the one I outlined is far more complicated (but in return will offer far more stable testosterone levels).

Wish you the best of luck, hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate will do…I think I should stick to the lower dose from this Saturday and stop playing around with doses. To be honest, two years back, I have ran over 750mg of sustanon etc up to a gram, even ran tren ace, npp, dbols etc, over a 18 month periods, recovered but then crashed my E2 with some stupid herbal supplement, and ended up with low testerostone, now I am testogel but private clinic put me on sustanon, everything was going smooth, till I jabbed 250 mg sustanon on last Thursday and then another 250mg sustanon on Saturday, Sunday morning woke up feeling absolutely crap, just like if you have low testosterone, I took a 0.025 arimidex two days ago, and feel no different. I am just going to let the settle it self and stick to the lower dose per week, just want to feel back to normal again. good news is, I don’t have the hot flushes anymore, and I am not as anxious as I was on Monday and Tuesday, was very emotional yesterday, had to leave work because of it, kept crying over the misses and how I don’t appreciate her to the fullest, tried to avoid people, usual anxiety, even though I never suffered with anxiety, hormones can be very powerful things.

Wouldn’t a gram of sust/wk pharm grade be very expensive?

As to hot flushes, they really suck don’t they. When I had low T I would get them fairly frequently, I’d be out in public walking and my face, neck, arms would get hot and itchy, skin looked red etc.

I had my ways to get hold of them, plus they only cost me £2.87 per amp at the time. British made aspen. But I never got that crappy feeling as I have now, strange isn’t it. I have Tren ace up to 600mg per week, no anxiety or depression. I got a feeling I got a massive spike with the terrible jabbing frequency last week, the Thursday jab, felt gr8, then jabbed more on Saturday, then felt terrible. I think I should just take this as a lesson, with a test level as low as 8, I still made huge gains, so maybe I should be grateful with a higher normal level and see what I can gain, rather than messing with higher doses. Yeah they say high e2 can cause hot flushes, felt them from my face, to ears down to my hands, it was weird, then the anxiety kicks in with it, good job I had propranolol with me as well lol.

So one of the issues that constantly changing protocols is this. You feel like trash so you alter again and again and again so you always feel like trash. Wait it out six weeks and let your body catch up. Either come off the cycle or stay on but don’t do anything in the middle. Don’t fuck with AI - just let your body adjust. That’s my .02.


Hi, Everything was going good till I increased the dose, I have decided for the sake of myself and work not to continue with it, I am on TRT, so I will just return back to the lower dose and stay on that for now. I just hope my E2 goes down as soon as possible, personally I don’t want to use a AI and risk those dreadful low E sides.

Morning mate, I donated blood yesterday as my iron and haematocrit was extremely high, then suddenly I felt like I could breath again, the anxious tightness in my chest went away, I am not breathless anymore, fatique has gone as well, any how, I feel much better now, could this be my e2 being lowered as the test slowly leaves the body? should I resume my lower dose injections tomorrow when I usually inject on Saturdays and take it from there.

You’re hematocrit can slowly climb on TRT and can shoot up on cycle. The reason for your hematocrit increase could be from that.

You mention your iron was extremely high, is this a recurring thing? If so I’d suggest getting an iron studies Pannel as I’m no expert or anything but it could indicate hemachromatosis which if left untreated can slowly cause organ damage.

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I’d suggest resuming the lower dose, I wouldn’t cycle right now, it would be rather irresponsible to continue now.

Thanks for your quick response mate, yes its not a recurring thing, but I can pin point it to the test, however After giving blood yesterday, its like I am a new man, I havnt given blood in two years, so maybe it was building up. yeah I am much better than Monday that is for sure. I was a emotional wreck then, the day is going well and I am kind of returning back to my old self slowly, I can feel it.

You was right. I jabbed a lower dose yday night and i am starting to feel normal again. I had morning wood as well. Like a semi hard on lol