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Did CT Invent Continuous Ramping?


Is Christian Thibaudeau author of continuos ramping, or have this technigue longer history?

Where can I find more about this tool?


Honestly I think that very few modern trainers can claim to have truthfully "invented" a training method. By now pretty much everything has been tried by someone somewhere. I think that most innovations are either modifications of existing methods, new combination of methods/tools or popularizing a method that was largely unknown.

I have only read one thing about what I now call continuous ramping and it was about 15 years ago by Richard Sorin in an article called "Progressive Pulls" in which he described a continuous ramp consisting of power cleans, clean pulls and deadlifts.




Doug Hepburn and Antony Ditillo are two of my biggest influences


This thread inspired me to do a continuous ramp of power clean, clean pull and deadlift. Finished with Snatch Grip stiff leg deadlifts for some reps. Loved it!!!!