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Did College Ruin Your Life?


"At the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, we work closely with students â?? particularly women â?? on college campuses, and many of them tell us when they turn to their campus health centers or college faculty with concerns, they are rarely told of the physical or emotional dangers of this kind of promiscuous lifestyle. Many university administrators are more concerned with being politically correct than with the health and well-being of their students.

In addition to the emotional and physical health risks of coed living in college, the new policy also marks a disturbing trend toward gender neutrality. The feminist movement has convinced many women that success means behaving like men both professionally and sexually. At the same time, they have waged a â??War Against Boysâ?? (as titled in an excellent book by Christina Hoff Sommers) to feminize men, robbing them of their masculinity in an effort to stop the â??ruling patriarchyâ?? that has oppressed women for so long. It seems their hope is for men and women to meet in the middle so that differences in the sexes are indeterminable. The determination to establish gender neutrality on college campuses is the culmination of this groundwork laid by the feminists.

University administrations completely disregard the well-being of young people."



No, I live in an all men's dorm and women don't come into my room unless the door stays open.


god i had sex much sex in college




college has been amazin


College would ruin my life...if it wasn't for the sex. It's actually the only reason Med School hasn't made me insane...yet.


So does everyone watch then?


Yes, everyone watches me play video games.


Two glaring points:

1)LOL at you repeatedly starting threads with a title, link and related quote, but no actual opinion on the posted topic.

2) Double LOL at the term "gender neutrality". WTF is that? Castration?


Every girl I met in college was a skank.


College was fucking awesome.

I would do it again in a heartbeat.


I think they're using it such that neutrality = equality.


Sadly, I think I had more sex during college than in the 13 years since. I did have a ridiculous sex life back then; fortunately, I did not get any girls preggers and did not develop any rotten spots on my twig and berries.

Maybe I should go back for an additional degree :stuck_out_tongue:


Met my future wife in college.


Come on, there's gotta be ONE person who agrees with HH...




Guess not.


If you go to college in Sweden, now that will pussify you! They have "gender-studies" as a Capstone to their post-graduate coursework. And everybody wears skinny jeans. I'm with you, HH!


The only thing that is destructive about college is the dream that you get 100k, the best jobs, a great car, house etc..... upon graduating.

That's it.

Otherwise it teaches you to work toward and end and accomplish it. The degree is merely proof you can take that heat, and it's up to you to find the dream.