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Did Clomid Suppress Me?


a little backstory. ive ran ostarine on two occasions with no pct. stupid yes. my pre cycle blood work showed my test was well past the reference rang so very high. 4 months after the ostarine i decide ill do a 4 week PCT/restart. i did 10 days with 20mg nolva followed by 4 weeks of 25mg clomid. 3 days into nolvadex i get my blood work done test was taking at about 3:30pm. total T was 24.1 reference range 9-32. so my test was low but this was 3 days into nolva so i decided to continue on with the 4 weeks. my last dose of clomid i took 80mg. a month after the 4 weeks i get blood work done. total t was 14 range 9-32 free T was 0.236 LH and FSH both below the reference range. test it again two weeks later same results. so my assumtion is that my natural T LH and FSH where all high wheni started my clomid and when i finished my levels of T LH and FSH where so high that it actually caused suppression.


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