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Did Biotest mention spot-reduction supp?

I’m sorry if I’m remembering incorrectly, but did I read a passing reference once to ongoing biotest research in developing a “spot reduction topical supplement” of some sort? I could have sworn I read that, but haven’t heard since then, and the search function is very imprecise (no hits on “spot-reduction”).

Yes, we have a product that could be
ready to go right now, works well for
what we described it as. Namely, a “finishing”
agent when you’re overall pretty lean and
have got some trouble areas which still
aren’t massively fat. If the fat is thick,
you can take off a fraction of an inch and
can’t see the difference… take off that
same fraction of an inch when the fat is
only a few fractions of an inch, and the
effect is well worth it.

But we’re still not sure that prolonged
use gives ongoing benefits… but we’d
like the product to have that.

I am experimenting with an added ingredient
right now, quite novel, that we hope will
make Alphasol work even better and not
just be a “finishing” agent but something
that’s helpful even if you’re not 90%
of the way there already… in fact, even
if you are zero percent of the way there!

Great! This sounds like something that would work on the backs of my arms where my tri’s are just slightly poorly defined because of that, but I’d like to see if it also works on those love handles that plague so many of us guys.

Now all we need is an effective stretchmark cream (maybe a retin-A/viatmin E combination?), and that "Denise Richards Thong"-flavored Grow that was promised us many months ago, and we're all set!