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Did Arnold Do Olympic Lifts?


Did Arnold do Olympic lifts? I ask because Most gyms in Australia/Sydney Do not allow you to drop your weights. Eg clean and press and then drop...

I really want to train up my explosive strength but i had to lower each weight i lift...

I was just wondering if arnold did any of these kind of lifts?

Obviously i know u can do clean and press with less weight and lower it and get good strength.

Cheer fellas.


Was Arnold an olympic lifter?


Yes, he may have even competed locally, but if you're wondering whether or not doing olympic lifts is the way to look like Arnold, the answer is no. He did them for "fun" in conjunction with his bodybuilding training at one point in time.


You can do the power clean and power snatch to train explosive strength without dropping the bar. Can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but it works.


yes arnold did them so did ronnie both started out in a weightlfitng club.


That doesn't mean Arnold even built half of his base of mass using olympic lifts. He also never recommended it to my knowledge.

Ronnie trained like a powerlifter. He also has a football background from college so he trained as such.


football is mostly cleans,deads, and snatches......



oh and squats


I think most people flirt with oly lifts

do they take them serios? Nah


so ure only planning on doing these lifts of arnold did them?


People fail at logic...


I cant find the video of him saying it but he said it was important for BB's to develop the posterior muscles like glutes and back which will give a balanced physic later in their career.


Deadlifts and many other movements handle that just fine. If they didn't, MOST PRO BODYBUILDERS WOULD TRAIN THAT WAY.

I mean, these guys get paid for this. While there may be some discussion on things like pushing a sled, you can pretty much bet that if powercleans were the missing key to bodybuilding success, no bodybuilder would miss it.

For the record, arnold also thought you would pump up the rib cage itself using pull overs.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POjS-qlhYQI here it is


no, he didn't


In the new Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, written by Arnold himself, he spends at least 5 pages explaining the benefits of power lifts - for a body builder. His routines in the same book also regularly include them. He discusses his own use of them, especially at the beginning of his career and said it was a good idea for bodybuilders to do them throughout their careers - for thickness, hardness, bone mass, etc.

Not sure if he did the classic lifts you see in the Olympics, but he definitely employed the philosophy and training methods to supplement his body-builder career.


Im not arguing with you i know/care very little about BBing just answering the OP's question. BUT look at Dimitry klokov's back pretty imprssive yea? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLPxwuGUZBY


I just watched that. His point was that training in a weightlifting club helped him build his base, not that clean and jerks built his base or just "olympic lifts". He mentioned squats, deadlifts...and then said "the cleaning exercises"

"This was the stepping stone, this was the foundation...and I always feel sorry for any bodybuilder that does not start in a weightlifting club first...because this training the bend over rowing, the "cleaning exercises", the snatching exercises, the squats, all of this...the kind of power things and all this that is where you get the strong back, and the trapezius and the deltoids and the basic muscles...."

He is discussing not ignoring those exercises that build that solid base...and he is also speaking to a weight lifting club and trying to relate to them.

One thing you need to understand about Arnold, many of the things he says publicly are because he knows how to get people to listen and he knows how to tell them what they want to hear.

Using that speech as an outline to his own real training would likely be a mistake unless within context. The man is a talker.

I agree that you need to build that solid base first. Squats, even deadlifts, bent over rows...all of those exercises help build a solid foundation.

It doesn't mean you need focus on an entire olympic lifting routine. It means you need to understand why you are doing certain exercises and whether those movements will truly help you reach your goal faster.


Compared to most people? yeah. Compared to most amateur or pro bodybuilders....no.


...which is the point. Arnold trained like most bodybuilders did back then...tons of volume, long training sessions, and whatever exercises they could throw in to get the result they wanted. You won't find much video of Arnold doing a clean and jerk. In fact, I have never seen him discuss him using that in his own training specifically.

Doing deadlifts and rows is not the same as spending years on clean and jerks for bodybuilding purposes.