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Did Anyone See the Recent NPC Competition?

Did anyone see the NPC competition a few days ago one of my favorite competitors was Eric

I don’t follow BB competitions much, but this guy truly has an impressive build. His arms/shoulders look oversized for his body, and he has a very small waist. He looks healthy at a really low BF% too, I hope to see more of him. He’s not a mass monster, but the hulk-esque builds are a bit over the top IMO; would be nice to have more competitors built aesthetically rather than just putting on as much muscle as humanly possible.

Not sure what you mean by “recent”, since there were 407 NPC contests in 2021. Statistically speaking, there were probably more than a couple in the last few days.

I appreciate your commitment to the bit, popping up every other year to ask about some obscure competitor.

Looking forward to the 2023 thread, “Anyone see Rando McRandomer on stage? I think he’s just aces.”


NPC Nationals. Overall winner Carlos Thomas Jr looking like a pro already.

Also, fat guy in superheavyweight ftw.