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Did Anyone NOT Make It Out of the Pandemic a New & Improved Version?

100 percent, the system is really fucked. Hang in there, Im sorry your dealing with this

and thats absolutely ok too! Well done!

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Yeah, there have only been a few moments (days or nights) over the past year where it feels like I’ve been able to take a breath, let down and enjoy or reflect on the good things I’ve been able to accomplish recently. It’s almost entirely been pushing hard, then moving onto the next thing immediately.

I’m not on social media, but I started reading the biggest local forum here early during the pandemic because there were some really obsessed people posting (legit) links to lots of information so I didn’t have to read multiple news sites. Then the other stuff I read there disgusted me so much I had to stop and spent a month convincing myself that the majority of people don’t fucking really think like that IRL or I’d hate everyone i saw on the street…


There are a few people I’ve had to unfollow because I was very disillusioned and the venom was getting me down. Prior to the pandemic, I briefly followed one of our city forums and then opted out. There are seriously a lot of assholes here. I can be one too but keep it on the dl :smiley:


Also… Out of the pandemic is subjective. Australia/parts of Europe are shutting down again

Australia never really opened up to begin with

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And I’ll ask this with all due respect. Is this or is this not an opinion based forum where speech is at least somewhat free? There are quote marks on pandemic because it is appropriate to put them there. Whether there are those who disagree is entirely irrelevant.

If you feel that what I said is somehow irrelevant to this topic, you are entitled to your opinion. I will say that as the forum director, taking a more “hands off” approach to “policing” what people say would go a long way in keeping up the pretense of no bias.

Unless someone is being threatened in some form or fashion which I’ve never done, would it not make sense to let all forms of thought be expressed on this topic? You say my post is unrelated to this topic but I consider it linked.

Please don’t take my retort the wrong way. I’ve read quite a bit of your posts for quite some time and think you’re a rational human being.

I’ve interacted with Chris for a looong time on this forum.

If there’s one thing I’m sure of it is that he doesn’t like having to clean up on Monday mornings.


Why would you expect a private business offering a complimentary service to keep up a pretense of no bias in managing that service? For what strategic purpose would they do this?



Sure is… and the most important word there is somewhat. Members are somewhat free to say what’s on their mind as long as it’s within forum policy. Hijacking threads and/or making blatantly inflammatory comments would not fall under that category.

Also, whenever the topic of “free speech” comes up, I firmly believe this to be an extremely relevant guideline:

Nope, that’s still wrong, just like it’d be inappropriate to say you play the “saxophone” or I live in “New York”.

Sounds like you fundamentally misunderstand the role of a Mod/Admin.

We’re entirely unbiased when it comes to enforcing forum policy. The same rules apply to all members in all threads. I’m able to separate my personal beliefs on any topic from my professional role exactly because I’m…

Again, if you want to go in-depth on this train of though, the best route would be to start a thread in PWI titled something along the lines of How The “Pandemic” Affected Freedom or The “Pandemic” Is Nothing To Be Scared Of and see how that turns out.

This conversation and tangent is done here. You can start that thread or e-mail me at Mods@T-Nation.com if you really want to keep it going.


Back on topic…

Towards the middle of last year, our church asked members to do a little write-up about their family’s experiences, for better or worse, to put together a kind of scrapbook. Figured it’s worth sharing here because it touches on the ups and downs.

They asked for 500 words or less, so I wrote 499. :sunglasses: And for context, this was written August 2020:

“It’s probably not a good idea to get everyone together with this stuff starting up, so we’ll make it for another time.” That was mid-March when we postponed the first of what would be several upcoming family celebrations. The pandemic was just getting started with less than 100 positive cases in Nassau. Five months and 44,000+ cases later, we’ve been through pretty much every extreme.

We’ve had friends reschedule and eventually postpone their wedding, but finally choose to have an immediate private ceremony rather than let COVID interrupt their union any further. One good friend is expecting her first grandchild and another couple had a baby boy.

We’ve heard of too much death. One friend several months pregnant, both parents of another friend, and more. Heard of too much sickness. A months-long coma, one recovered diagnosis that left the senses dulled and breathing burdensome, and more.

There’s been the anxiety of taking meticulous inventory of freezer and cupboard, to ensure supplies remain well-stocked until the next shopping run. There’s been rationing, cutting down from a daily three-egg scramble to a two-egg treat on Sunday mornings. A true First World problem, to be clear.

There was the happy surprise of Easter dinner (for those in the household, without the usual extended family) complete with ham, marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes, boiled eggs, and bunny cake… followed days later with news that hundreds of workers at the ham’s main processing center had tested positive.

We built a garden. Corn, squash, beans, and more, but the weather hasn’t been kind to a newbie mini-farmer. We quasi-adopted a stray cat who showed up in the yard one day. He stops by, eats food, takes a nap in the grass and then wanders off, but never comes within arm’s reach.

There’s been working from home, the nerve-racking return to the office, the distance learning, the empty supermarket shelves, the worrying about friends and family, and the fear of missing a step in the mask-wearing, hand-washing, decontaminating protocol.

Even the church building itself, a sanctuary in every sense of the word, was taken away during this challenge. The serenity of its pews, silent and reflective even without a full service, wasn’t available, though we understand it’s for the greater good. Thankfully, technology gave us the next-best option, letting us still see familiar faces and hear Scripture with Pastor’s reassuring words.

For nearly half a year, we’ve coped with day to day stress using ice cream and tacos and bourbon and dog-walking and house-cleaning and binge-watching and exercising and sleeping and crying and laughing and talking.

We’ve made it through this whole thing and we’re still making it through, the four of us. Together. We were happy, but not surprised, to discover that being around each other literally 24/7 only brought us closer with more conversations, more relaxed moments, and more face-to-face time than we’ve shared in far too long.


I’m sorry to hear this, I’m sorry for your loss. Wishing you all the best regarding general health/wellbeing. We all need to be supportive of one another to get through this, these are hard times.

I had a family member overseas die, another put on oxygen now grappling with long covid. There are others overseas who are dying (not from covid) that I will almost certainly never see again as Australia probably won’t open up for at least another year.

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South Australia has now joined much of the rest of the Country in a lockdown too, so it’s definitely too early here in Australia to be contemplating ‘making it out’ as we’re still deep in it.

Did you see SA has imposed a 2.5km radius as opposed to a 5km radius

I’m sick of this “let’s outdo the other state” bullshit. Coronavirus shouldn’t be an excuse for premiers to play politics and show how tough they are.

QLD will be going into lockdown within a day or two. So that’s SA, VIC, QLD, NSW all locked down whilst residents of WA will probably be jerking themselves off over how superior they are given the pandemic has unveiled a nasty nationalistic streak between states.

Also, to those overseas (not in SE Asia/china). Your lockdowns probably pale in comparison to how strict ours are.

Yeah 2.5km, but a lockdown means other than essential supplies (which could be furhter than that distance) it’s stay at home anyways. I’ll set up some kind of steampunk squat rack system today for legs… should be entertaining.

But ironically(?) football can continue - i guess if everyone else is in lockdown it’s ok for the players to play a game for tv rights, etc… rolls eyes

Lockdown doesn’t apply to you if you’re an athlete, very rich, a politician or a celebrity.

Let’s hope you guys get on top of it quick. Australia doesn’t look to be abandoning covid zero anytime soon. Vic had 22 cases today, NSW 110. Stage 4 lockdown in Vic doesn’t look to be quashing this.

Fortunately all cases are linked to known outbreaks and not all were in the community at the time of detection.

It’s rich how Dan the man said “we have avoided a long, NSW style lockdown”. Nice quip at NSW, but you’ve extended the lockdown once and chances are you’ll extend it again, then reduce to stage 3 (still lockdown) for a couple of weeks.

Let’s try to keep this thread on topic. We have many other threads where we can debate the merits of various mitigation strategies.