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Did Anyone Have 11 Inch Arms?


Did anyone else start their training at literally not much more then 11" arms? (at 5ft 10) My arms are now about 13.5", terrible even for my weight/size (small), I would want at least 14.5" to be near in proportion.

Don't want a huge debate over whether i'm better off on TBT or split training.. it's just I do get pissed off with the amount of guys I see who have no diet to speak of and 'workout' almost at random and with no particular structure at the gym, yet seem to grow biceps ridiciliously fast, with arms as the "benchmark" for how big you are to the untrained eye, it annoys me far more.. nevermind that I probably have the bigger legs then any of the other guys that are in my college (as in up to 18 year olds), that certainly never gets a mention.

So basically this is a rant, from the guy who works his ass off squatting when nobody else even bothers, but still has arms barely bigger the a guy with no diet and no intensity, ever. Be gentle guys.


Do arms.


Keep in mind that triceps make up the bulk of your arm size when equally developed. The two-hand single dumbbell behind the head extension while seated, did put a lot of size on my arms. If I had to pick a favorie triceps exercise that would have to be it. The stretch seems to activate the long head the most.


"I work my ass off squatting, but my arms still aren't big."

In other words:

"I don't like that other peoples arms look better than mine, so I'll just make bullshit reasons for why I'm still superior."

Also, unless your college gym is full of paraplegics, I doubt you have bigger legs than the other guys.

Stop whining about other peoples progress, and focus on your own. Also, squatting is not the end all of bodybuilding. I hope you're actually training your arms if you want them to get bigger.


I started off with arms being about 11.8inches (flexed). They are now 14.5inches(Still small)... But I havn't bothered with them since I started 7 months ago. However my squat is pathetic.


[quote]jake_j_m wrote:

the guy who works his ass off squatting

Try to become a guy who works his ass off rowing, curling and pressing heavy.
Plus a guy who bothers to eat something and sometimes.


I realise this, my triceps are ok at best, but I only brought biceps up as it is that area in particular my development is just not good and this is the area I see lots of people (especially tall guys) who manage to get impressive biceps (not impressive arms, nessarily) through some very basic non intense isolation, this never happened for me.

I'm not making "bullshit reasons" i'm just it does annoy me the people with no effort or knowledge who get such things handed to them, ah well, i did not expect this to go down particularly well. The gym i used to go to, no one ever squatted and the leg press only went up to 200kg (supposedly) which was easy even when i had much smaller legs. Basically I have tried adding isolation work and it has done nothing in adding size, so yeah, my other option is adding 20+ pounds of lean mass and I think that's what i'm going for. Just wondering if anyone at all started in the same boat (ridiciliously small arms) because tbh, its a bit of a mindfuck


What the living fuck is wrong with guys who don't train arms but whine about how small they are?

11" arms on a grown man is pathetic. Train arms.

This is retarded. How the hell do you listen to some personal trainer as they tell you not to do arms directly when the majority of the guys with really big arms DID train them directly from day one?


Good advice.


Only 20? Have you looked in a mirror?


My arms were under 11" when I started. They're now a bit over 15" and growing.


I started with 14 inchers but they still looked pathetic on my lanky body.

OP, listen to thorax. Your squat won't help you build those arms.

And don't pretend all those guys with big arms were born with them. Chances are they had to work hard for them and they've been at it longer than you.


I suppose this was bound to provoke a responce. But let's say in theory, you did advocate programs like Starting Strength and S2B (not sure if you do or don't, i know your against TBT in general), what would you suggest for someone who see's no benifit from adding curls and skullcrushers to his routine? Going balls to the wall on volume would surely comprimise the point of what i'm doing with TBT, which is to increase my main lifts.


So what are your strong points, if any? :>


yer gonna blow a gasket big fella


No, not only 20, 20+, i put that as a ball park figure for when I would expect my arms to start looking anywhere near "good", of course, i would love to be 40+ pounds heavier.


I started with 12s :frowning:

But it's okay because I had super hawt abs


Who the fuck on planet Earth sees no benefit from curls and direct triceps work?

Are you a different species?

Quit listening to the bullshit artists telling you this crap. Does it really make sense to you that you can train a muscle and make it weaker and smaller?



Mine were 11" when I started, but I was 15 years old and a chubby 140 pounds. Still small (under 16" at 190 pounds), and while I did always do arms, it was generally bis after back/traps and tris after chest/delt, and kinda half-assed. Recently I've started focusing on them more and, gasp they've been growing.


Dude, with 11" arms, you may need to be thinking about 60lbs heavier.

I would expect to see arms that small on someone completely sedentary, not someone claiming to train regularly. You need more size all over...and a lot of it...and this will take years.