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Did anyone else see METALLICA this summer?!


The Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003 was the best concert I've ever seen (first time I've seen Metallica).

The Metrodome in Minneapolis, 42,000 people.

Mudvayne came on first, but only for 1/2 hour. This was the second time I'd seen them and they played all the songs I wanted to hear.

Deftones were supposed to come out next, but had to cancel because the lead singer, Chino Moreno, was hospitalized. I heard on the radio he "slipped a disk", whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

Linkin Park came out next and played for abour 90 minutes, I think. Their show was great, they have a lot of kick-ass songs. I lost my shoe in a mosh pit though, and had to scramble around trying to get it back, and then spend ten minutes trying to get back far enough to put it on.

Limp Bizkit is stupid. They (mainly Fred Durst) came out before Metallica and spent half the time playing and half the time talking. Almost every song was from their "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water" album, which I hate, however, they did not play their biggest hit, "Rolling". They also have a new album coming out this fall, which they played nothing from. My favorite LB songs are the first 3-4 on the first album, however they played nothing from the first album except "Faith" which, in my opinion, sucks. The high point was probably their cover of Metallica's "Sanitarium".

Metallica was awesome! They played for about 2 hours (not long enough!) mostly old stuff. The one thing that bugged me was that they didn't play anything from "Load", one of my favorite albums. About halfway through the concert I was able to make my way up to the very front, no easy feat! There was nothing between me and Metallica but a security guard and an 8 foot stage! The pyrotechnics were great, I thought I was going to get burned, and I'm lucky I had my earplugs. I didn't catch a guitar pick or a drumstick or anything, but maybe next time. They said they'd be touring again next year, and I'll most definately be there!


You and Phatman are confusing me.



Who was playing guitar for Limp Biscuit?

Must've been strange not seeing monkey-man Wes ripping up the seven string.



A new guy named Mike Smith. He did a good job, but I would've liked to have seen Monkey-face in person.


I went in Detroit, their first show of the tour. Limp Bizkit played Rollin', and people kept throwing stuff at Fred Durst.



Cool, did they hit him with anything?

Did LB play Pollution, Counterfeit, or Stuck (2, 3, and 4 on the first album)? Those are their best, before they started to sell out.


Saw them in Toronto.50 000 people.Dome was closed and it was hot as hell!
Only saw Bizkit and Metallica 'cause I was at the bar drinking.I thought Limp rocked and so did Metallica although their sound SUCKED.James was pretty pissed off about the sound problems.


I saw Summer Sanitarium at Giants Stadium in July.

I absolutely love Mudvayne and I still do. I saw them twice at Ozzfest in 2001 and they were excellent back then. But at Summer Sanitarium they were really bad. I don't know what it was but Chad kept singing off cue so it was really hard to follow. (However, I did get my day's dosage of blood curdling screams from him though!)

I actually caught Deftones and it was the first time I had seen them live. I won't be an ass. I'll just say they were absolutely amazing! From the very second they took the stage till the end when they wrapped it up with "7 Words."

Linkin Park was good. Again, it was the third time I had seen them live and it made me take a new liking to their new album Meteora.

When Limp Bizkit came on I didn't even stick around. I went for a walk around the concession stands. When I got sick of that and went back to my seat I was disappointed that their set wasn't over yet. At that point though, Fred Durst was making his way around the seats and hung around our section for quite a while (we had the seats that faced the stage - FAR!!!). I think he was about 15 feet away from us when he was finishing up "Nookie." I have to admit that although I don't like the band, they really can put on a show especially with all the pyros and such.

Then came Metallica. As Patman said, they played LOTS of old stuff. In short, they were awesome! Seriously, they can still pull it off doing their old material. The new stuff really isn't as great and which leads me to believe that that would be the reason why they only performed two of their new songs: "Frantic" and "St. Anger."

All in all, it was a good show. However, I think that if they ever do this again, they really should consider other "supporting acts."


I went to Ozzfest a couple of weeks a go.I spent big bucks for front row seats.I quickly learned that the people in the first four rows are bigger fucktards than the people in the last four rows.And poor Ozzy was either tired or just too old for this tour shit.He sucked.I haven't seen Metallica in concert since they sold out with the 'One' video.


can someone (johnny?) Please explain to me how the One video was a sell out? this is still one of the most disturbing music videos that i have ever seen.


No. I was doing something productive.


Pitt, a lot of people think that Metallica sold out because they released a video. And I believe One was their first.

However, some others believe they sold out with their music. Some say before their self titled album, but I think most believe it was just after that album that they sold out to get more teenagers and less Metal fans into them.


Pitt, they sold out because prior to the 'One' video it was unacceptable to like heavy metal. Everyday people would ask me if I was a Satan worshiper..etc.The video came out and then all these 'johnny come lately's'were coming around.Metallica made heavy metal more a main stream.So they changed their sound for the black album.....and sold out


Metallica died when Cliff died


For the record, One is a badass fucking song, especially when they did it at the concert. And Patman, yes, fred durst got hit with a shoe in the chest and a plastic water bottle and showered with lots of beers.


thank's for clearing that up for me. even though i dissagree-i see where you are coming from now. this is not the first time i have heard this comment about One. Metallica is my favorite group of all time (i really do not like the new one nearly as well though) Musically (again minus st anger) i feel that they got progressively Better as they went on. i just feel that st anger fell flat lyrically. there is nothing Wrong with it-it is simply not progress IMO


'One' is a bad ass song.It still gives me goose bumps when I hear it.I also think about the video clips from 'Johnny Got His Gun' which made the video very powerful.I remember watching MTV for the first world premier of that video.I was in 9th grade.