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Did Anyone Else Find This Funny?


Totally offensive video, but does throw a good point out there. Its supposed to be funny its from a comedian. I personally think its freakin hilarious. Catchy too. hahah


I laughed at the written commentary at the end.

The other part wasn't funny, but valid points.


I liked it too


THe funniest thing I've seen in a while.


Stick out yer ass, please.

I thought it was pretty funny.


Shut the fuck up. I never said I was offended by the video, cunt. It just wasn't funny.

Shit, it was more of a legit song than a funny song.


It was just lame minus the funny.


I can't listen to any lyrics unless the music has a bass hook.


It's absolutely hilarious,I'm a big jonlajoie fan,he's a fucking genius.This is one of his best,and it's 100% true aswell.


he's awesome

tell me this isn't funny


This one is funny too

Hey did you know that this guy is a french-canadian from Quebec?