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Did anyone actually ever FINISH?!

If you search Ian King’s 12 weeks for super Strength Upper Body program you have everone saying “I am starting it” or “I am on Phase 2.”
I like Mr. Kings theorys but I see nobody telling me what they gained with this on or off drugs. The feedback for the limpong series is there so what happened when you guys strictly followed “12 weeks to Super Strength?”

I’ve done 12 weeks to super strength, Great Guns and the limping series.

All great programs for which I put the most mass on.

I don’t use vitamin “S” and all my results were natural, the only supplement that I use is protein.

My arms were 16.5" before doing the great guns and they are now 18". I’m currently doing EDT but will then go back and do 12 Weeks to super strength after this.

In between I’ve done a couple of Dave Tates programs and HST (which did nothing for me).

Good luck it is good…

I have been doing SS program and am on the 2nd week of the 3rd phase, My back strength has increased alot more than i Had obtained before.My Bench has not gone up all that much as of the last phase but then again i still have one more phase to go and my body doesnt respond well to high reps anyway, it is a very good program, My arms have gotten alot bigger and fuller and my FA have gotten huge more than I have ever had before, those Pre WO extensions and felexions rule! I have been using 4ad-ec for this time while cutting with minimal calories and using the t-dawg diet, Needless to say i gained 3 pounds of muscle while dropping 13 pounds of weight in 6 weeks and I can’t wait till the final phase! I love the program its very good hats off the Ian King. Give it a try i think ull be pleased.


I did the routine for 4 weeks,I quit after that,after i didn’t gain any strength on my bench press,but i did gain size,but that was not my main objective i wanted to get stronger,I’m not a bodybuilder in my opionion the program has to many reps and to many exercises,if you want to gain strength keep it simple.

I finished 12 weeks to SS and limping 2 days ago and am having a break till next week, I have done the upper body program twice now and loved it both times, coupled with IK Awesome Abs program (a real Ian King Season) the key is to finish it and trust that it will work because it does.

I haven’t had a lot of success with Ian King’s workouts (as opposed to his “general” advise on topics like recovery and stretching). I find that they usually involve making a small weight feel extrmemly heavy, and while that’s fine I usually get better results with weights that actually are heavy (like with CP’s programs). I tried the limping series and actually got injured on it (right hamstring started hurting). However, I do like his ideas about changing one’s squat technique and bar/foot positions to yield different training effects.

I did the lower body, Bring on the Pain program about a year ago. I increased my deadlift and squat about 90 pounds each. Plus I increased the muscle size in my legs which even looked better after I cleaned out the fat. I only used food, creatine, and amino acids supplements for my diet. Char-dawg is right when he says King tries to make smaller weights seem heavier, but that’s only in Phase 1. In the other three phases he sticks to heavier poundages and core lifts.

I have done the upper and lower programs. Both the intial and “advanced” programs work very well for me. Currently I have combined the upper and lower for a 4 day split. I know they work for me, they are also a lot of fun–keeps things interesting doing stuff like one legged squats and king deadlifts. Stick with the program all the way through and see what you think.

I finished the “Super Strength” program, and to be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed. I made slight gains (in both strength and hypertrophy). But (and I know I’ll probably get flamed for this), it’s doubtful that I’ll ever do another Ian King program when I can be doing programs like EDT and HST. I had phenomenal results with EDT and am blowing up on a combination of HST and Waterbury’s 100 reps.