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Did a Month Blast while on TRT

Hey everybody,
Ive been on trt for 3 years and Along with this I had joint issues with my shoulders for several years but I continue to lift. I read about deca being good for joints so i decided to add some to my regimen. I got carried away after the first or second week and added extra test .
I think at my highest for 3 weeks i was at 250 mg deca and 200 mg test cyp. I did gain some nice size beleive it or not.
But because I am such a knucklehead I didnt factor in that this deca and extra test would really mess up my blood work. I started this mini cycle at the end of December and I took a shot yesterday of 200 mg test and 125 mg deca to wean down. I have a blood test in April. Should I take my regular trt dose next week ? Do i have enough time to bring my numbers down? My sex drive is great on both the trt and cycle shots. Will it go down on my regular trt dose?
Thanks everybody. I definitely learned my lesson and want to protect my trt .

Bloods in April? You’ll be fine

You gained size because you were on 450mg/wk, contrary to popular belief, hormones, even long estered hormones, start working almost instantly after you start taking them, when concentrations of androgens reach supraphysiologic thresholds you reap the benefits (and disadvantages) that having a supratherapeutic level of hormones entails.

You may not reach steady state until later, however a single shot of 450mg is enough to send you into supraphysiologic territory.

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I tapered down to 200 mg of test c last monday and I noticed my sex drive has taken a big dip. Anything I should do about it? Ill drop it back down to a 100 next monday. I have some nolvadex. Will that help?

Nope, just wait it out, you’re body will sort itself out in a month or so.

Thank you!

Its been roughly 20 days since I took a non trt dose. I have used nolvadex sparingly and found that it helps my sex drive. I use 20 mg EOD . Will this prolong my recovery or will i still be ok after a month? 3 days of not taking nolvadex 4 days ago i had some sort of sex drive but very weak so i guess i am recovering. Can i continue nolvadex? I only have like 8 left.


What’s the question?

I went back to my trt dose after a short blast about over a month. My sex drive took a dip. I found that when i took the nolvadex my sex drive is back up. Should i continue to take the nolvadex or will it prolong my recovery? How long should i continue to take it?

I just want to feel normal again on my regular trt dose.

Its been 20 days since my last blast shot.

Just ride it out. Give your body a chance to normalize again and you’ll be fine. I’d discontinue the Nolva.

deca depletes dopamine and serotonin, could be the cause of you’re libido troubles, rodent models show it takes roughly 6x time on to normalise completely with regard to neuro effects and nandrolone, so 5-6 months is the worst case scenario (IF this carries over to humans that is)


Bingo. @unreal24278

So why is my sex drive sky high when i take 20mg of nolvadex? I didnt take it for four days then i took it yesterday and i was horny af.

placebo? Coincidence? Nolvadex doesn’t decrease oestrogen in any way, it merely competes for ER thus blocking the effects of oestrogen in tissues sensitive to effects of said hormone (like boobs). Just thought I’d put that out there, as a matter of fact, a known, well documented effect of nova in men and women is impotence and loss of libido. Granted I’ve seen isolated anecdotal reports with women claiming an increase in libido, however they’re very few and far between.

Not saying what you’re experiencing isn’t the real deal, I just can’t see a mechanism behind it.

Well its been a year since this and im back to normal as far as sex drive is concerned. Still on 100 mg test c every week. But my blood tests revealed something. My Hemoglobin and hematocrit were slightly elevated. I was told to do some blood draining in August . I didnt do anything and the levels have now dropped to normal. I forgot how high they were . Im 44 male and my hematocrit is at 49.5 and my hemoglobin is at 16.6. Was this possibly from the deca? Regardless I decided to do a blood drain next week. Id appreciate any input.