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Did a Home HGH Test Kit (Labmax), Here's My Results

Hi all, title says it all really.

So, been taking 4iu of pre-mixed somatropin for the past 30 days and decided to get myself a home test kit out of curiosity.

I didn’t realise the test was for pure hgh in powder form and not pre mixed hgh, I tested it anyway…

The test vial was a bright yellow colour to start, after adding my hgh the vial almost instantly turned a light orange colour, after 1 hour the vial was a strong orange colour, after 2 hours the vial was orange but has a tinge of lime green when held up to daylight.

The instructions on the test say that after 1hr the vial should be a darker yellow than the starting colour and after 2hrs the vial should be a green colour.

Now considering my hgh is premixed at 3.3mg(10iu)/ml and not pure hgh like the test should be, do these results seem reasonable to anyone?

My thinking is that the orange colour which I’m seeing is the mixing solution in the hgh and the green tinge im seeing if I put the vial to daylight is the actual hgh, just at a very diluted dose…

Am I clutching at straws here or does this sound possible?

I do trust my source but your source is only ever as strong as there source…

Here are a load of pics of the vials and instructions, any input would be greatly greatly appreciated here guys, thanks in advance!!


Why not just get a IGF-1 blood test? If you were on anything close to 4IU per day of real GH, your IGF-1 should be over 500 (I would think closer to 1000). I don’t have experience with the at home testing stuff, so I can’ t comment there.


Thanks for the reply mnben87, I’m also on test,deca and oxy, would these raise my igf aswell? If not then that may be the way to go…

Do you know what an average igf level is for a male of 32 years old? Cheers

They will, but I don’t think you will get close to the level of 4 iu of GH per day.

Somewhere around 200 ng/mL (depends on the study).

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Hmm sounds like i could get a bit of a false reading there then… say my test deca and oxys takes my igf up a bit to say 500, how could I tell if that was the gh taking it there or the test deca and oxy…? Hopefully someone with experience of these test kits or even better my brand of hgh im using chimes in…

Thats not going to happen. They will have a minimal affect on IGF-1 whereas HGH directly taken is going to change it several times greater on the order of magnitude.


My IGF-1 went up by 10 points when I started TRT. I don’t think it is as big of a change as you seem to think.

Here is a study of testosterone in which they when up to 600 mg/wk. IGF-1 went up by 77 points on average in that group (ended with average of 304 ng/mL). I am thinking on 4 IU you should be at 750+ ng/mL.


Here is the table from the study.

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All the reading and reviews I’ve done by highly rated GH has seen no where near those levels (1-2 hours post injection) on 10iu’s. Although I don’t fully understand the mechanisms involved, it seems high IGF1 isn’t the best indicator

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So IGF-1 is a product made in the liver by converting GH. It takes a bit of time for this to happen. I am not sure 1-2 hours is enough time for the GH to be converted to IGF-1? Could be? I just don’t know.

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OK so how do I go about this? Pin 4iu or 10iu? And how long before my bloods being taken should i do my pin? Are the finger prick test you send away OK for this? Also I’ve read that pinning IM is better than subq for IGF levels to raise, do any of you guys go im with hgh? Thanks for all the responses

AAS forum has some “standards” on testing GH. I can’t remember what it is. Might be 10iu’s and 4 hours? It seems it’s the “base” test for verifying if your product is legit.

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Interesting, I was unaware of it. One question I have for you is do you test right after (4 hours or whatever) the FIRST pin? I would think on 10 ius of GH a day, that IGF-1 would be in the thousands after a couple pins, but maybe not after just one pin and only a couple hours.

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I haven’t done any yet. Went to buy some and lost some time/money buying bitcoin and am currently turned off by it. Also don’t know much. But i think GH has such a short half life, there is no build up or “homeostasis” if that makes sense. Everyday is a new day. Information regarding growth is so hard to come by. It seems most use insulin with it and most questions and research is revolves around that combination.

@studhammer might know more. Or @zeke-can’t remember the rest of his name :pleading_face:. Or @BOTSLAYER

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I agree with GH (very unstable in the blood). I am not convinced with IGF-1. I think that is much more stable, and sticks around longer in blood serum.

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There HAS to be more to it then growth promotes more IGF because if there wasn’t, then everybody would be using cheap peptides and getting the same results. I just can’t find the answer to that question.

Peptides have a limit. You can only stimulate your pituitary so much. It is like using SERMs or HCG vs injecting test. Many are also using things like MK-677 with good results for much less money.


Cheap(ish) peptides just cause more of a release, but they don’t put you at supraphysiological levels. They’re ok if you have reasonable expectations. But unlike peptides actual GH has no limits to how high you can go.


Short answer yes (not an expert or even ever used one but if I did and were looking at what you were I would think good GH). Any chance this is Polumbo’s kit? In which case you could probably just ask him on social media.

This is how I understand it as well but at the same time you want to use it for a very long time (6+ months) to really get good results.

Also yes. As I understand it they use Insulin because GH spikes blood glucose levels so the insulin brings it back down. This fighting is very synergistic and makes for great gains…as I understand it. Never used GH due to cost / benefit ratio.

This scares me. HGH in powder form is pretty stable and will last a long time. However, once its mixed it must be refrigerated and not shaken too much. How did they ship it to you? How old is it?

When I has blood drawn for HGH, I took my normal dose about 4 hours prior to the draw. For me, it was 4 iu which took my GH off the chart.

I agree with this.

im unsure if it is polumbos kit? I ordered it from the labmax website, there is an image of it above in pics

The hgh came from my local guy, he had it refrigerated when I collected it and it has been refrigerated ever since, im unsure when it was made but the expiry date is December 2023, there’s images of the packaging, vials and serial numbers above in pics. Im obviously slightly skeptical myself hence the testing but I’ve been assured I will be happy with the results after a couple of months…

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