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Did a Health Professional Do You Wrong?


Anyone here had any bad experiences with anyone from the (allegedly) healing professions? Doctors, dentists, naturopaths, paramedics etc?
Please describe your experience from minor to major and what you did about it.


Are you also doing the transgender surgery?


Something you wanted to tell us?




I see. When you said also it threw me.


A doctor told me that my cauliflower ear was an infection even after I said it was cauliflower ear and described BJJ to him. He prescribed antibiotics. Needless to say I ended up seeing another doctor who took appropriate action.

I was also diagnosed with asthma as an adult. I took various meds for a few years. I even had to seek emergency treatment a couple of times. I then stopped drinking milk and started taking fish oil after reading an article on here by TC. It was around that time I stopped having attacks and stopped taking the meds and haven't had an attack or taken any medicine going on 7 or 8 years.


A nurse once gave me only half of a shot of morphine and cuffed the rest. She slipped the syringe into her smock pocket instead of putting it in the sharps box. I didn't do anything about it though because I was still pretty damn stoned.


Yeah, the first two jerkoffs I went to before my urologist/andrologist told me my 240 and 300 ng/dl T values were normal and my symptoms were "in my head" despite me feeling like crap.


Me personally, no. BUt if you've had such an experience and something went wrong, by all means go ahead and discuss it.

Just not too much blood and guts if you don't mind. :slightly_smiling:



I will stay out of this thread.


Derek posted that picture of the fat lady with neck funk a bunch of times. I've never felt so violated from anyone in the (allegedly) healing professions.




Weeeell, there was the dentist who did not diagnose chronic mouth breathing correctly, which, given the arch of my upper jaw was more or less a given, but wondered why I never wore the block that was meant to correct my teeth and my jaw,

Cause I could not breathe with that in my mouth you dumbass.

Which of course led to a disformed jaw, which to his credit is not obvious from the outside, hell, you dont see it, BUT, 50 % of airflow resistance is created in the nose and even small abberations can have a huge impact.

Meaning, I can suck air down in my sleep, but the amount of inhalation it takes me makes my uvula collapse like a wet straw.

I wish that I could report that after 10 or 15 or 20? years of that a doctor finally caught on, but no, I did.

Because in a socialized system such as ours, they get 14 EUR or so per visit, so they dont dig deep.

Conclusion; I dont trust doctors for shit, especially not in a system you Muricans are going to be blessed with in less than a decade and if I have a problem I go the private doctors route because they do awesome shit, like listen to half an hour before even asking questions.


Despite our considerable political differences, I sympathise I ahve to disagree slightly with practitioners in the private sector. I've had very uneven experiences with them, some great, some frankly awful.
One sinus specialist I went to sat throughout the whole consultation with his arms folded and answered my very polite questions with abrupt one word answers. I'd had sinus/breathing problems all my life (still do but far less intense since I went off wheat), had a couple of operations and wanted to get a handle on what the hell goes on up there. After the third question (extremely polite and timidly expressed mind you) he pointed to a poster anbd said something else, brief and abrupt.
I said I was only trying to understand what I could do about my sinuses and he basically said if I didn't like the way he did things I didn't have to come back.
I left in tears and the secretary apologised for him - a sixty-sometrhing man who either had abad attitude or was having a bad day - either way, inexcusably rude.
I told her not to dare apologise for hium, he was an adult.
Later I rang them to say that I would not come back.
Who needs that garbage?
The Net has been my friend ever since regarding medical care but I still unfortuantely have to deal with docotors an dentists etc.
I have a doctor who knows very little about the wheat issue but has always been receptive to me doing new things - important, at least she's not spooked about nutritional solutions like some docs are - and though I still have lots of issues she is impressed and happy at my ongoing improvements.

I had a dentist who told me a tooth that needed a reasonably small but definite fix was not worth doing (!). Another dentist in the same practice ruined another perfectly healthy tooth despite me telling her not to do the procedure she was planning. I went to another dentist to get it rebuilt and will have to go again.


I got a splint as well but found I couldn't breathe. Their design is surprisingly awful! Not something I would have anticipated either!!




Maybe it's just ENTs. There was one who worked on me about 20 years ago after a severe injury. I wasn't ever entirely conscious when he was doing anything and didn't have any distinct opinion of him. On the other hand, while taking depositions for the incident which caused the injury my attorney informed me he would no longer be in charge of my care.

In a fit of frustration or anger he busted a womans nose to pieces and walked out of the operating room, refusing to complete the surgery.


A fine Army doctor told me a bullet came and went through my body and I was fine.

Two years of heavy back squats later, said bullet was removed from my spine where it was imbedded and pressing on a disk.


How in the fuck could he make this determination without an exit wound? Wow.


There was an exit wound. From another bullet, probably. Or part of a bullet.

They x-rayed me laying on my belly. Apparently, they needed to roll me on my side to catch it, and were supposed to have, but didn't bother.