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Did a Go-To Eccentric Session


ok, today -during break time from the work- I went to the local gym (I usually train at my garage-gym) to hit back(lats)and legs.
Instead to do my usual 3 sets Hernon Style or 1RP set (3 breaks; say 7-8/3-4/2 reps) I did this way:

V handle pulldownz
7 reps to failure (explosive movements)
4min rest
selected 60% of weight used in the first set and performed concentrics with both hands then eccentrics with one hand (alternated),it has been tough LOL
did 5 reps for each arms until I can't no more slow down the rack.
3min rest and other 5 reps for arms eccentric-accentuaded.
did 3 sets of dbs "fat man" rows.
then a straight RP set at leg-press of 14/5/3 plus 3 partials.
at leg-curl (my knees don't allow me to do an one-leg eccentric rep at leg-press,sorry); 1 set of 5 reps to failure,60% of weight used; 2 sets of two legs concentrics,one leg slow eccentrics.
ham on fire and painfull...

N.B: after the w/o I could walk very slow because of leg soreness...

Have any posters experimented this kind of protocol?
do you think -in the long run- it could be dangerous for joints/muscles strain?

thanx in advance


I think that's a bit more technical than training actually needs to be. Maybe ok for advanced lifters; those who need to bring up certain bodyparts (i.e. used sparingly)...but not good as a long term plan.

Normal hard working sets works perfectly fine 99% of the time for good progression.

I think you need a very good reason to employ those techniques.


thanx man,
main reason for the eccentric session was that I wanted just explore other ways,doms in lats/hams are heavy now,today trained other muscles in ordinary way....