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Did 1st Cycle of Tren a, 2 Months Later Sex Drive Dead

I did my 1st and only cycle that I ever plan on doing with 375mg test and 150mg tren a/week. The friend who got me into it told me I didn’t need PCT and that he never does it and is always fine. I ran the cycle for 10 weeks until the end of august. A few weeks after I started getting massive amounts of back acne and my sex drive is almost nonexistent. It’s been almost 3 months since I stopped. Is it too late to fix this? And if not what do I do? Any advice would be appreciated, just want to get my hormones back to the way they were before the cycle and never mess with them again

you need to get bloodwork to see where your hormones are, otherwise you’re just guessing and throwing medications at the wall to see what sticks.

It’s likely that your test is low and your oestrogen is sky high, which isn’t a fun combo at all.

There will most probably be a SERM and an AI in your future. I really hope you know what both of those are.

Appreciate the response, I was given liquid adex last week and told to do 1mg then .5 eod for 3 days then .5 a week for a while and I’d be fine by the same guy who told me I didn’t need a PCT, I did the 1mg and .5mg once so far, should I stop for now then get the blood test?

Is there some particular reason you are continuing to take advice from the gentleman whose initial advice got you into this mess in the first place?

Yes - stop the meds and get the bloodwork ASAP.

Yes, I’m realizing my flawed logic and don’t plan on taking his advice, I just didn’t know who else to ask and had no idea what to do myself.

Am I ok to stop without tapering or will that cause some kind of estrogen rebound?

Your oestrogen is almost definitely higher than hell anyway, so it can’t exactly rebound. If it’s high, it’ll just stay high a little longer.

Thank you for your help, I’ll get the blood test asap and revisit. I know there’s never any way to be positive without a blood test, but is this something that is generally permanently damaging or do I have a good chance for full recovery?

You have an excellent chance of full recovery, so don’t start panicking.

Thank you because panicking is exactly what caused me to take the adex, I will post results once blood test comes back

Mate, I’ve been there. Many moons ago I completely fucked myself up taking deca. Recovery was long and shitty but I got through it.

Hopefully you’re not as fucked up as I was then, but even if you are it usually just takes time.

You do need to understand that anytime you take these drugs there is a chance of doing some pretty permanent harm to your HPTA; it’s always a roll of the dice. Most people aren’t so unlucky that this happens to them though so you’re probably fine.

I appreciate the responses. Ya I did a little research before but looking back I heavily regret not doing more. That was my first cycle, just wanted to see what it was like. Enjoyed the hell out of the gains, but not something I ever plan on doing again. If I can just get my hormones back to normal and keep some of the gains I made I’ll be thrilled

Told my doctor what was up, asked for test and estrogen blood work, she would only sign off on test until that came back. Test just came back and I was told it was normal, scheduling another appt to get estrogen

Your LH and FSH could be inhibited by the cycle, you have to do a blood test regardless to see what is actually going on before we can help.

Is there anything in particular I should ask for? I have an appointment on Monday. Sorry if these are dumb questions, new to all of this

ask for a total testosterone panel and estrogen

Were you blasting and cruising then or running pcts and such

PCTs at the time. I was an idiot though and cycled without an AI.

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I was wondering, I got a 6wk cycle of NPP/deca planned. Even though I blast and cruise, always worry about the after effects of nandrolones

Your friend gave you terrible advice. Him saying he never does and is fine is completely irrelevant to your body as everyone is different. And if he got blood work, I’d be willing to be he is not “fine”. Anyway, Tren is not something you can take lightly when cycling. I have done a Prop/Mast/Tren Ace blend and it killed my drive. I had to do an HCG/Clen/Nolva PCT to rebound. In the future, always PCT and be safe, bro.


Just got the results back. They say I’m in normal ranges but I still feel a bit off, sex drive is better but definitely not completely what it was and still struggling with back acne