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I ran out to Dicks last night to get a dip belt, but they didn't have any!

What the hell? Is a dip belt some sort of specialty equipment? What a retarded store.

I think I'll just go into my garage, get some rope, and tie it around my waist lol.


Other options:

-Put weights in a backpack.

-Just use a normal lifting belt and pick up a chain at Home Depot.


Aww, sweet idea. I have a backpack, but no belt. I'll have to try the backpack thing when I get home. It might be better than what I was going to do.



I, as do, I am sure, hundreds of others, appreciate your imparting this piece of trivia on us.


I've used a regular leather pants belt with a piece of rope. I only went as high as about +70lbs, but I'm sure I could've added more.

Theres alot of options.. no need to buy a dipping belt.


i do what eric suggested just get a chain from home depot and hang it from your regualr lifting belt. ive gone up to 120lbs with no problems.


Or you could just order a solid dip belt and have it for the rest of your life.


I think he just wanted to post a thread titled "Dicks" for his own little perverted enjoyment.


god damn joel your wisdom is uncanny. yeah hes right dps has grizzly belts for like 25.


I also got a chain from Home Depot as other suggested. I also got the clips that you use to put handles onto a cable station. Total cost: about $5.


There's a Home Depot-like store out here called "Dik".

It's always nice to ask one of your female students, "Do you like Dik?" Usually they yes, they like Dik a lot.

My best result was with a class of older women (early 60s), whom I got to chorus: "We love Dik!"

This was in the International Peace Park Lounge. Nearly caused an incident among the foreign tourists.

Just one of the many perks of teaching English in Japan...


Char, you should be leaving the geriatric women for me. You can't have 'em all, ya know.