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Dick Sharpe's Log

Alright, been thinking about starting a log here for some time. Now that the 2018 T-Transformation challenge is not that far away I guess it’s a good time to finally do it.

I’ve been lifting for quite a while, first to supplement MMA training in my time at university, after that I got into powerlifting.

What I’m doing and where I’m at now:

Right now I’m preparing for a powerlifting competition in early december. I’m following a 16-week meet-prep template put out by German national coach Francesco Virzi and am currently at the end of week 12. I currently train three times per week, bench three times, squat twice and deadlift once. I just finished the last week of fives, from now on it’s four weeks of mainly triples and some doubles. The huge majority of the volume comes from the competition lifts, assistance work consists of back work (pull ups once a week, row variation twice a week) and some miniscule higher rep work for prehab and vanity reasons.

I’m 29 years old, weigh 88kg / 194 lbs at 1,83m / 6feet. Just took some pictures in not very flattering lighting to give you guys an idea of where I’m at physique wise (and how pale I am). Usually you can see some ab definition on me, swear on me mum.

Goals and plans moving forward:

After the meet, I’m propably going to use the last few weeks of december as a transitional period, staying with training three days per week whole body, but reintroducing higher reps, volume and some variety in exercise selection.
After that, I’d like to try something I’ve never really done before, which is more of a typical bodybuilding plan. I cannot consistently train more than three times a week though because a) I train at a powerlifting club that’s only open four days per week at specific times and b) work. So the idea is to combine chest and back, legs and abs & shoulders and arms. Also considering to invest in an adjustable bench and some dummbells to be able to hit an aditional pump workout at home to give lagging muscle groups some added frequency.
Exercise sequence, use of intensity techniques and volume will be based on John Meadow’s stuff. Really enjoyed his writings here and his UGSS presentation that’s online on Dave Tate’s youtube channel. If, after 8-12 weeks I find that I need more frequency and/or just want to try something different this also looks like my kind of thing:

What I would like to achieve by June 1:

  • Add mass at least in some lagging body parts. Should be doable as I’ve never really trained for bodybuilding.
  • Get leaner. I would like clear ab definition (regardless of lighting conditions).
  • Likely end up about 7-8 kg / 15-17lbs lighter than now

Seens to make sense to me to eat at a very slight surplus vor the first 4-8 weeks, then cut until June 1.

Nothing in terms of strategy is set in stone yet though, so you guys are more than welcome to weigh in on this.


Great 1st log post man; I’ll be following.

I’ll be following along. What are your current PR’s for the big lifts and what are your current goals for the upcoming competition?

Thanks man, just saw you started a log too, I’ll be following that as well!

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Good to have you. I was very impressed with your result from last year’s challenge, you guys set quite the standard.

My lifts are nothing to brag about. Current PRs are 160kg / 352 lbs squat, 122,5kg / 270 lbs bench and a 190 kg / 418 lbs deadlift.
Goals for december are a 170kg squat (doable) 130kg bench (not so sure) and a 200kg deadlift (definately doable) for hopefully a 500kg total. Been setting rep- and volume-PRs on the current program while maintaining bodyweight so I must be doing something right.


Thanks man, I appreciate you saying that. The kick in the ass to shred down was long overdue and it went pretty well without venturing into the “suck” territory of cutting. I was consistent with a little cardio and avoided booze and sweets for the majority of the challenge, but otherwise I didn’t go crazy counting calories or anything so I was pleased with the results. This year I hope to take what I learned and dig a little deeper to expose some more mass that I hopefully acquired through caloric surplus for the remainder of the year!

Your lifts definitely aren’t weak! I wish you luck and feel free to tag me if you are looking for any help or tips through the journey!

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I too, am in :grin:

Im in. Looking forward to see the transformation .

I’m happy to have you guys on board.

Thanks, will do!

Started the first week of triples, light squats and medium bench today. Had little sleep tonight and was really tired throughout the day, but luckily it didn’t affect the session. Squats felt nice and fast, as they should at this weight, bench went smoothly too. All weights are in kg.

Week 13, Day 1

Squats: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x5; 80x3; 100x2


Bench: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x3; 80x2



Four sets of 10 pull ups alternating with 3x10 incline DB Press (30kg)


Two sets of twenty each of Face Pulls and Back Raises.

Edit: I record some of my sets to make sure technique stays consistent, so I figured I might as well include some of that here. This is 127,5kg / 281 lbs x3:


In for this too.

I read this as 5 sets of 3 with each weight at first haha.

Haha, 25x3 sounds like a great rep scheme, doesn’t it?

Sounds tiring haha.

Today’s training was bench (light) and deadlifts. Went decent, feeling good.

Week 13, Day 2

Bench: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x5


Deadlifts: 60x6; 80x5; 100x3; 120x2; 140x1


This was the top set for today:


Seated Cable Row: 3x12

As a giant set:
Latteral Raises 2x15
Hanging Leg Raises 2x12
Face Pulls 2x15

Pretty much decided that I’m going to do this.

Just as an aside, I use a semi-sumo stance on deadlifts, just because that’s the only stance where I can get into an okay starting position. I’m not mobile enough for either “real” sumo or conventional, maybe my long torso plays a role too. Tried to work on my conventional technique for a long time but couldn’t do it, so it is what it is.

Today’s training was heavy squats and medium bench (day one of this week was actually the week’s heaviest bench, the week is just not terribly heavy overall). Felt tired today, squats felt heavier than anticipated and moved relatively slow. Bench was fine.

Week 13, Day 3:

Squats: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x5; 80x3; 100x2; 120x1

135kg x 3

Bench: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x3; 80x1


Seal Row:


Finished with alternating Back Raises (2x20) and DB Rear Delt Flies (2x15).

On a more general note: I really enjoy this program, feel like it’s working very well for me on the whole and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming competition. Still, I am also very much looking forward to the change of pace come January. 16 weeks with very little exercise variation will definately be enough.

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Heaviest bench I did in training yet today, and for the first time in this training cycle I missed a rep. Hopefully it’ll be the last time. I lost the rep about halfway up and I honestly think it was more a technique than a strength issue, feel like I’m sometimes inconsistent with my foot placement. Squatting was the light day for this training week.

Week 14, Day 1:

Squat: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x3; 80x3; 100x1

127,5 x3
132,5 x3
137,5 x3

This is the top set:

Bench: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x3; 80x3; 100x1

107,5 x3
112,5 x3
117,5 x2


Pull Ups 3x10

Back Raises (2x20), Latteral Raises (2x20), Hammer Curls (2x12) and Face Pulls (2x15) done as a giant set.

Week 14, Day 2

Bench: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x3


Deadlift: 60x6; 80x5; 100x3; 120x2



Alternating seated Cable Row (3x8; 1x10) and slight incline DB Press (3x8)

& Hanging Leg Raises, Back Raises and Face Pulls as a superset.

Notes: Was a lighter day both in terms of volume and intensity. Won’t make it to training on wednesday but that’s not too bad because I allowed for a handful of missed sessions for the 16 weeks and if I hadn’t missed another day I would’ve finished the program a few days early. Friday will be the heaviest squat session of the prep, if that works out well I’ll be happy.

Week 14, Day 3

Squats: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x5; 80x3; 100x3; 120x3; 135x1

145kg x3
155x1; 1; 1

Was supposed to do a triple. I hit the safeties on the second rep, lost tightness and failed the rep though. The first rep was already a real grinder so I ended up doing three singles instead of a triple. Really annoyed with this.

Bench: Bar x12; 40x5; 60x3; 80x2


Assistance was seated cable rows, back raises and face pulls.

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Week 15, Day 1

Bench (light): Bar x12; 40x5; 60x5; 80x3


Deadlift: 60x6; 80x5; 100x3; 130x2; 150x1


This is 180x3. For some reason my phone took the video sideways although I did nothing different than before. So, in case anyone actually watches these, sorry:


Lat Pulldown 3x10

Back Raises, Face Pulls and Hammer Curls in a giant set.


This was the heaviest deadlift session of the prep and I’m happy I got a little bit of redemption for the god damned squats on friday. Two more real training sessions, then one light session next week and that’s it, almost done.