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Dick in a Box Sequel


Happy mothers Day.

p.s I've listened to this 3 or 4 times already.


rofl... Wrong on so many levels but so right at the same time


NOT...even COLSE to the original. Where DIAB is a 9, this is a 4-5 maybe.


that was hilarious.


I don't know, i think musically it is just as good, mayber better then DIAB. It just doesnt have some of the initial shock, because we already know these characters, and that was one of the first digital shorts by Samberg to get any real attention.

Dick in a box is funnier though.


hahaha, pretty funny stuff.


Here is a youtube link for those of us outside the US who can't view Hulu:


Good stuff.


I agree not as good as dick in a box, id give it a 6/10 vs a 9/10