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Dick Cheney's Memoirs

Excerpts from Cheney’s memoirs


That was rich. Man… that was rich.

My favorite:

I love America. There! I said it! Sue me. I don’t care. Because the one thing I’ve learned is that all the missiles, all the armies, and all the bombs in this big crazy world cannot defeat love. So there you have it, liberals: This “war criminal” pleads guilty as charged?guilty of believing in the power of love.

The one where he slaps Paulson, tells him to get a grip, and that he’s going to get Rove to ‘fix this’ is also pretty good.

I’m pretty sure the guy will spend the remainder of his life NOT remembering stuff.

Was he loving his country when he sent soldiers to Iraq while knowing Sadam didn’t have any WMD?

Was he loving his country when he charged obscene amounts of money to serve them a hamburger?

Because those are the charges. Nobody charged him with loving his country, with believing in the power of love.

Besides, he doens’t believe in the power of love, he believes in the power of money.