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Diaz McGregor 2


RDA pulled out of their title fight with a broken toe nail and then lost to Alverez.
No point in fighting a loser.


Hey! Its the guy with the sexual intercourse cardio! Welcome back pal!


Is Lawler over the hill now?


I didn’t watch last fight but he was improving, better than when he was younger, in certain sports mma,boxing,nfl i think you have a small window. Listen to chuck liddell talk know , those last few fight he should of left alone.


Mma rules conner beats mayweather easy, stand up only conner wins he would chop him apart with leg kicks , mma gloves, huge draw only thing mayweather dont neef money knows he loses only unless it is boxing only.


money mayweather only takes fights he knows he can win.
let that brew a minute.
He only fought Pac- after he got knocked out 8 years after they should have fight.
if he ever fought a ‘spectacle’ you can be rules etc would favor mayweather.

that being said.

mcgregor did well with diaz 2.
came up with a decent strategy of leg kicks and patience
and some solid hits.
He took some lumps and was in trouble for sure.
but he did well.

Nate is a tough as fuk


I agree Nate is a tough SOB. Conor finally ran into someone who could take a punch and stand up and bang with him. However, Nate is in no way the prize of the 170 lb division. With Conor barely edging out this victory the second time around, I’d find it hard to believe he is a serious contender to take on guys like Lawler, MacDonald or Woodley.



But it depends on how he approaches the weight class. He’s got the natural athletic ability to hang with them the question is power and strength from my point of view. I think he would have to do 2 things:

  1. not try to straddle weight classes and keep his lower weight class ‘available’ but commit to the move up and

  2. gain weight in a smart manner and start training more for power and strength. He’s not going to hang with guys that are naturally 190+ cutting to 170 unless he gets a lot stronger while keeping his athletic ability. It can be done but he’d better make sure he gets it right.


@Aragorn I suppose you are right. I am sure Conor could make that happen if he had a mind to work hard and do it. However I do think he is shrewd enough to know that he has reached the pinnacle of what one can do with a career in MMA. He has made millions and realizes he can make millions more in other avenues while keeping his skull intact. Not to say that he wouldn’t take another fight @ 170 if the purse was large enough (it’d have to be). But I really think he has his eyes set on a further career in entertainment. Why else publicly trash talk John Cena? WWE rumors have surrounded him for some time now. He is a major star in Ireland even more so than in the US and I’m sure film deals are on the table for him. We will see…


I think now he has to give up 145 belt, it is not fair for contenders in division. Does conner want to cut now that IV,s are banned i know he’s done it before but if has put on muscle much harder. I think with new ownership, they will try more wwe type stuff and it will work for popularity but some purist might not like


Totally agree…Nor could he shine Tyrone Woodley shoes.


Wow…what are the different colors in your world?

Conner does not have the frame to be a welterweight. Most UFC welterweights cut from about 195. Connor is a joke at that weight. The only reason he defeated Diaz was because Diaz has very limited skills. Good striking, great cardio and that’s about it. And that was actually enough to win the first fight and have a close second fight with the over rated McGregor.

One more point, as soon as McGregor fights anyone at his weight class who has take down skills he will be crushed. Chad Mendez on two weeks notice took down McGregor and beat him up until Mendez became fatigued.

Of course the corrupt Dana White does not want to see his Irish meal ticket defeated so you won’t see the blow hard fighting anyone with take down skills.

By the way why didn’t they give that fight to Frank Edgar? Instead they go to Mendez who is well known to not stay in shape unless there is a fight approaching.

Okay enough about over rated McGregor.


Yep ronda getting hype again, put page is next ronda.


I think Ronda wanted out, same reasons I think McGregor wants to move on


Ronda was so dominant, I just find it so hard to believe she got beaten by boring one-dimensional Holly Holm, who immediately coughed it up to Miesha Tate (who Ronda beasted twice). I would not be surprised it all if she took a dive…


I predicted ronda would come out soon any body know her contact anyway on that commercial nice rack . As borat would say very nice.


honda is amazing in the dojo

but falls prey to ‘star training’ biggest dudebro in the gym
running a camp just for them shit box partners shitbox ‘trainer’ centered around making you feel good.
just like rampage bj penn matt hughes. Chuck - etc.

I have always advocated-
(if you know me you feels me read up son)
to train with the best
where you are competing to get a spot
where you are the weakest link
where your challenged everyday
your stable mates should wup your ass daily
if your not getting your ass wupped and forcing growth
you some other dude bro getting on a scale and taping your hands and making a pool of uglee sweat.
if its not happening move on.

that being said lets not sleep on honda- olympic judoka
protojay of jimmy pedro
who dat?
bad ass made man in the judo world.
grips fo days.
I can tell you (personally) that is a ROUGH ASS camp bust your ass or fuk off - pleasant guy - but beats you to shit.
just saying.
only US boy to win a medal ( bronze) and train gold
what ever.

so all these crown seeking peeps.

join a deep school roll and bang with the best you can buy.
be humble be a 'worker’in a big gym
be the dumbest person in the room- makes you a giant later
the personal attention you might merrit -is fruitless without growfth- but what do I know.

and mcgregor who can afford the best- is doing ok
who couldnt benefit from going to big ass camp- be it jackson wink - blackzilian - AKA- tristar- or whomever and just being a clock puncher-

roll and bang with the best you can buy.
there was a sherdog - AMA type shit with john fitch.
who eloquently said to fix your shit
’want to be taller fuck tall bitches’
‘run faster’ ‘run with faster peeples’
‘fall prey to cradles-roll with bro who excels at them’

meh what do I know-

USADA - no IVs shit camps- belts turning over like crazy
what i know -notmuch


If you are ,who I think you are, how is the knee? Are you back in the Judo fold? Anyway, if you are not: welcome, if you are: where the hell you been, Bro?


Its me… Im good.
Been busy as fuk and for that I am thankful.

where to start the knee its still like a pipe cleaner stuck in some cork.

the very good
I live I can walk I can work

details- I have lost allot of ROM

still have atrophy I limp when tired, wet weather leaves me dead

the bad
no leg drive
no lateral stability or motion
running out
jumping out
cleans, snatches, jump rope out.
squats - ok but about 1/2 or of what was prior
deadlifts - mostly out- locking out and lack of leg drive make those hard.

that all being said

Im good.


As you must know by now styles make fights and Rousy was ready made for Holm. Rousy is used to rushing her opponents and hip tossing them to the ground and then more times than not arm barring them. Holly was a whole new ball game. She kept her distance and picked her apart until the grand slam head kick’. I loved it…That Holly lost the very next fight because she fought someone who could take her down wrestling style where she had no defense.