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Diastasis Rectic -- Adult Male


I suspected that I had an umbilical hernia, although I had no pain, no visible bulge, but could feel a ridge-like bulge when abs under strain. My doctor said it was probably a diastasis recti -- separation of the right and left front abdominal muscles. He didn't seem too concerned. He gave me a referal to a surgeon for consultation. I haven't called him yet.

I can't find much information on it with regard to men. It is typically a congenital occurance in babies or occurs in women during pregnancy.

How do I treat the condition? Can it be corrected without surgery? How serious a concern is it (I powerlift, so I get serious abdominal strain)? Should I follow the women's post-pregnancy exercise regimen?

Just looking for some ideas and whether or not anyone else has dealt with it. Only found two brief mentions on the site via the search.