diary of a steroid user

this guy claims his daughter was banging on the bathroom door screaming “daddy” while he was shooting his juice? shoot your juice when your daughter is sleeping or in school or outside playing or when shopping with her mother! jeez,this guy is way too dramatic. then he says his father see’s oil from an amp on the ceiling? c’mon,this guy is either full of shit and looking for attention or just a plain idiot who gives more ammunition to proponents of tough steroid laws. just shoot the damn thing and stop talking about it;it takes 2 minutes to shoot some juice,stop making it out to be more than it is.this is coming from a guy with children and is responsible.

I think the whole thing was just far too ‘dramatic’ and I’m dubious this happened at all!

This was obviously a filler atricle.

Hasn’t stopped you from posting several times about though, has it Merlin?


All I have to say is I’ve also had the needle fly off while tapping the barrel and pointing it up to get air bubbles out. Got on my ceiling.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

i’m sure that did happen,but why would someone make an issue of it? i’ve dropped my car keys while opening the door but did’nt feel the need to write an article about it.

You would Mxim, if your keys had fallen down the storm drain sewer by the curb…

I greatly enjoyed the article. It said alot of things that I was thinking during my first cycle. That article really hit home. It’s not that I have any children, or a wife, or even girlfriend at this time, but I have dated a girl with a little girl and I could only imagine experiencing that feeling… Great article once again T-mag!!

I liked the article. I could see any of those things happening to people. I’m glad they never happened to me though (except the gaining 10 lb).

Read the article for what it is. Clearly the experienced user doesn’t have much to gain from it. I really enjoyed the article though. I’ve never touched steriods but recently have been giving it some thought. Thumbs up to the change.

Thinking about the things that happened they all seemed fairly believable it was just the guys over dramatic story telling that got to me.

I had the anxiety of sticking myself first time, felt a bit queasy as i was doing it. Got tren fever, suffered an allergic reaction. Hit a nerve, hit a vein, got paranoid about developing an abcess. Spilt 3ml of sust by pulling the plunger out to far, whilst trying to aspirate, shot a needle off, couldn’t get the shit to go in. Couldn’t walk after injecting prop in my leg. Had a close friend watch me site inject and get that look of revulsion someone might reserve for a heroin junky, e.t.c.

All these things happened but i wouldn’t have made them out to be such a big deal!

It wasn’t over dramatic at all. It was real. This is what happens when you are allowed to cheat. Apply it to anything in life.

First off why is it cheating? He’s not a competitive athlete trying to beat the testers.

Second no what happened wasn’t ‘over dramatic’ but thats what i said in my post if you had bothered to read it. I said his reaction to said events IMO was ‘over dramatic’.

Thirdly if you don’t like AAS stay off the fucking steroid board!!!

Personally I liked the article, except for the contention that at a “grandiose” level of bench pressing power of 225 X 10 was the author’s “maximum” naturally.

I’m no expert on steroids, but I sure as heck wouldn’t be touching them unless I was banging out 300+ on the bench naturally and squatting/deadlifting 500+.

I just think that 225 X 10 isn’t much of a natural base to say “gee, let’s start the juice”.

I started off really interested in the article. I’ve been thinking about doing my first cycle but I’ve been putting it off debating some things first.
I didn’t think it offered to much to anyone who’s used before but I do think it can offer a glimpse into the dark side for those of us who are thinking about it.
I agree, it did seem to be a little “over the top” writing style but it’s an entertainment piece so you pretty much have to expect that. It also didn’t really offer much that you couldn’t get from hearing the stories told in the Steroid Forum after hanging around in there for awhile but for those who picked up the physical version of the mag I think it probably caught their eye.
You have to at least give the guy credit for documenting his first time on the sauce and trying to do it honestly, even if it was written a bit dramatically.

Do you have to be some sort of genetic freak to use? I think if everyone here published their best natural stats you would find that not everyone is some sort of uber-strong iron monster. Everyone has good lifts and bad lifts and rep-ranges where they feel the strongest. It’s relative, 225x10 tells nothing about technique, whether it was in the course of a workout, at the end, whatever - I certainly didn’t see the grandiose part.

It’s like squatting. Some PL telling me about how great his squat is with his squat suit and weird looking technique to parallel means absolutely nothing to me. Personally, I want to see ass-to-grass feet shoulder width apart, no belt, no wraps, none of that PL paraphrenalia. But it doesn’t matter - to me at least. I am my most fierce competitor. So at the end of the day I worry about going to bed a little better, a little bigger, and a little stronger than when I woke up.

Ever read Gregg Valentino’s column called “Ramblin Freak” in MD? Same sorta thing. It’s all meaningless and there for entertainment purposes, if that’s your thing.


Good post. The reality is in this day and age I doubt that many “users” are waiting to maximize their natural potential before they use AAS. Plus, relative strength levels definitely vary widely. Some people get very strong without AAS. Many others are not advanced at all and start using AAS.

I enjoyed the article. Yes, it may have been a bit dramatic but that was this one guy’s experience. The article did not purport to be anything else. So, he’s a dramatic guy!

I agree completely with 'horse.

It doesn’t matter if someone isn’t involved in sports or not, its still cheating. I’m sorry but the drugs make a huge difference. There is nothing quite like looking in the mirror and watching yourself grow. Its nice when every chick in the gym is looking at you like a hungry wolf. The promise of the juice probably supercedes anything. It was a good article.