Diary of a Masochist

Someone suggested that I post a log here. I’m not really sure I’ll have the time to make it a consistent diary but I’m not on any socials so thought why not and I like writing. Maybe I can help someone get motivated idk.

Mon: Back

Tue: Chest+Arms

Wed: Quad based legs

Thu: Back top up + Shoulders

Fri: Chest+Arms

Sat: Hamstring based legs

Sun: OFF

Reps x sets reps are not set in stone I go until I fail sometimes this is more but usually it is 1 or 2 reps less. This specific routine is built around time under tension, form and exploring the mind-muscle connection so far it has given me some great results aesthetically. Most sets are usually at least 2 minutes under tension (I time them) I rest until I feel ready to go again which is anything from 1.5 to 5 minutes! I’ve been doing this program for the last three months or so but plan to switch it up in the new year and bring the focus back to chasing load, lifting heavy with less volume.

Monday: Pull ups: 6-8 x 5 sets, shoulder width lat pull down 8 x 4, single arm lat pull down 8 x 4, close grip cable row 8 x 4, prone bench dumbbell row 8 x 4, bent-over row 8 x 4.

Tuesday: Flat dumbbell bench press 8 x 4, Incline dumbbell bench press with squeeze at top (pulling the dumbbells together at the top) 6 x 8, Seated incline chest press machine 8 x 4, pec dec 8 x 4, dumbbell flye 8 x 4, standing cable flye 8 x 4. Bicep curl machine 8 x 3-4, tricep machine 8 x 3-4, rope bicep curl 8 x 4, rope tricep 8 x 4

Wednesday: Either SSB 8 x 4 or hack squat 8 x 4 narrow stance, prone leg curl 8 x 4, leg extension 8 x 4, machine standing calf raise 6 x 4 followed by bodyweight strict form calf raise 8 x 4 (superset) leg press 8 x 4

Thursday: Lat pull down with: narrow, shoulder and wide grip 8 x 4, single arm lat pull down 8 x 4, machine row 8 x 4, seated dumbbell shoulder press 8 x 4, lateral raises 8 x 4, face pulls 8 x 4.

Friday: Same as Tuesday except sub incline dumbbell with incline smith machine.

Sat: Barbell RDL 8 x 4, prone leg curl 8 x 4 followed by dumbbell RDL 8 x 4 (superset) Lunges at a set length 4 sets.


Literally the same thing each day of the week except for Sundays and that is a free for all with the exception of the shake.

All weights are dry weight.

Breakfast: 100g oats, 500ml soy milk, 2 tbsp plant-based spread, various fruits usually raspberries and bananas, golden syrup. Works out just north of 1,000 calories

Lunch: 100g red quinoa, 100g red split lentils, 100g basmati rice, tin of tomatoes, frozen peas. Sometimes I have salad instead of tomatoes and peas. Soy sauce and pepper or sriracha. Another 1000 calories +

Dinner: With the family and varies from curries, lasagne, stir fry etc. Large portions another 1k cals at least.

Supplement: 200g meal replacement + 50g protein made with water = 1k calories again.

Snacks: nuts, seeds, etc.

I don’t count macros, I just ensure adequate protein.

Sundays I eat whatever I really want.

Current measurements:

Height: 5’9’’/175cm

Weight: 224lb/100kg

BF%: 10-15

Arms: 19in

Chest: 50in

Waist: 36in

Neck: 18in

Forearm: 16in

Leg: 29in

Calf: 18.5in

Objectives: I’m looking to bring up weak areas in my physique mainly hamstrings, lats and chest whilst continuing to plug away at the other problem areas such as calves, forearms etc. At the moment my biggest focus is Lats and hamstrings. I want to look like a mutant so adding inches to everything is the ultimate goal.

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Thanks for posting buddy, I’ll be following along.