Diary of a first timer

Whats up everyone. Just thought I’d post some thoughts for total newbies(like myself) that were wondering what its really like.I posted my cycle previously under “give in to the dark side” but basically its:
Test eth 500/wk 1-8
Equipose 400/wk 1-7
dbol 30mg/day wk 1-4

First off the whole drawing of the stuff into the pins and getting the right amount in was tricky at first. Also keeping th needle steady while making the injection(pushing the stopper with one hand) was kinda tricky too. The actual needle in the skin and injecting didn’t hurt at all–really. You can actually feel the stuff flowing into your muscles. I did my 1st shot last Monday 500mg of the test and 800 of the EQ basically two 3cc shots. One in my ass one in my quad. The quad one starting aching about two hours later like a charlie horse. The ass shot didn’t ache at all. I went ahead and did a lower body/deadlift oriented workout that day cause I thought that might help blood flow to the shot areas. Woke up the next day and my leg and ass are KILLING but they’re not infected or anything. Just have to walk like I got sodomized by a gorilla thats all;] Thats it for now my next shot is tomorrow and even though my legs still ache some, I can’t wait. I’ll post more with pics later once the juice really takes hold. Sorry if this bores the vets but I thought someone with no clue what its like(like me) might wonder what it really feels like.

Possible solutions to minimizing the pain of your injections would be as follows;

  1. Swab the area with alchohol before injections.

  2. ALWAYS APSIRATE, this should be no brainer.

  3. Use 23-25 guage pins for just about anything. BTW length depends on the site 1 1/2 for the glutes, 1 for the quads and around 3/4 to 1/2 in for delts/bi’s&tri’s.

  4. Inject slowly (I usually take arond the better part of a minute to 1 1/2 min a cc depending on what it is).

  5. Leave the needle in for a few secs after you are done and gently pull the surface of the skin aside once the neeldle is removed to prevent any possible leaks.

  6. Massage the area for a few minutes and if possible take a nice warm shower.

  7. Working the injected muscle with a few sets( NOT a bone crushing work out)
    might help with circulation.

  8. If none of this helps cutting the gear with a sterile oil will lessen the pain as will taking some sort of otc pain killer. BTW I’d really try to avoid the pain killers while taking any 17-aa orals.

  9. Certain gear DOES HURT. IE. winstrol, T-400, test prop. so always make sure you research what you’re getting.

Thanks for sharing Story420, never used gear myself, but I’m curious and interested in how it all works for you. Keep up the diary!

Thanks for the input. Well I did all of the above tips down to a T. The only thing I didn’t do was that my workout was kinda bonecrushing, hey I was excited even though the stuff doesn’t kick in right away! Oh well hopefully the pain will lessen as the cycle goes on.

storey, care to split duties? I was thinking about running this very same thread as I started my first cycle today. Just took my first shot 2 hours ago. 1cc of QV Enan with a 23G 1 1/2 inch pin in the glute. 31 years of natural over. Kind of exciting starting on the “new” path. I didn’t even feel the pin or the injection and I agree that getting the pin filled was the tricky part. For the first 2 hours I kept checking to see if I was leaking and I could’ve swore I felt the oil dispersing in my glute. Strange feeling… I walked around the next few hours with a smile on my face like a kid who’s hiding something and knows he’s getting away with it.
storey you’d rather keep this thread to yourself lemme know and I can always start another. I figured it’d be a nice way for some of our other bro’s to really get a feel for what the first cycle is like.

Inserting the needle while the muscle is relaxed might help if you are not already doing that.

I usually lay on my side on the bed when doing glute or ventro gluteal site shots, and without any tension or flexing of those muscles I insert it. I have noticed a lot less soreness compared to when I would do it standing up. Just a thought.

And start using the ventro gluteal site instead of your quads, it won’t really affect the way you walk or leg day.

Hey no problemo sharing the thread bro. I took your advice beernbbq and shot yesterday’s into the ventrogluteal a little numb pain in the arse today but not as bad as the first two shot sites. I have squat day tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes. Still is tricky keeping the pin as still as possible while pushing the gear through. Man that EQ does kick up the appetite a notch–already