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Diary Of A Fat Guy!

Hey everybody, dont know where to start- but here I am. Im going to try to write in this thread on a daily basis.

A little about my self: Im 30 years old, about 5’9, 230 lbs. Im married and I have a 6 year old son. Ive never been a super fit, or helthy guy, but Ive also never been as unhealthy as Iam now.

When I was much younger I loved to run, never long distance just sprints. And I used to Box from when I was about 12-17. Ive also always owned freeweights and used to own a benchpress.

At this point of my life Ive decided that I need a major lifestyle change, of course I have decided this before, and it was a complete bust. Diabetes runs in the family and so far Ive managed to avoid it.

Like I said I have a 6 year old kid, and I dont want him to end up unhealthy like me.
Ive been reading the forums on here for a few years, and have never been able to apply them to myself, but Iam ready to change that.
For the past couple of years the only physical activity I have done is at work (Im a cable technician), and chasing my kid in the playground.

And my diet is horrendous… I basically eat any crap food I find on the street, and lots of it.