Diaphragm Breathing Exercises?

I start to stop to smoke (again ^^') i would like train my breathing, my diaphragm, to be able to do that one day

If you have some tutorial,guide video/article for how i can train step by step and improve my breathing with the diaphragm i will be grateful

Best thing would be to stop smoking. Now. I’d make that your #1 priority. All the breathing exercises in the world aren’t going to cover up the damage you’re causing your body when you smoke.

Doing other things like walking for 10 minutes, walking a mile, jogging a mile, doing some squats, jumping rope, swimming, riding bike would (I assume) cover more bases than just some breathing movements.

i know that, i would like just some exercice for the diaphragm

OK. How about the YouTube video you linked, haha. Seriously though, I’d just try googling it. You probably could’ve gotten 100 different moves in a few seconds. We’ll see if anyone has any suggestions though - just haven’t seen this discussed before.


yeah i know that i can find everythings in google, but if u think like that, why use a forum ? because even if u can find everythings in google, it is better to take advice here, because u will find people who have already try some exercices, pratice and so on, for to be honest i use internet and here, it is more interesting for find good information and advice

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yes u are right, i will check that