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Dianobol and Cutting

Hi everyone. First time user first time poster. I am 25, 6 "0, between 215 and 220 lbs. I have been training in some form or another from an early age as played ice hockey and squash at very competitive levels. However my last year of school and going to university this began to slip quite drastically and I found myself at 310 lbs just over a year ago.

I have been back in the gym 4-5 times a week and intermittently fasting 4 times a week to shed the weight but am thinking of a 6 week dbol cycle to tidy up for summer. I am (guessing) at about 10- 15% body fat and want to use dbol to cut hard without losing muscle.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience with using dbol whilst on a heavy calorie deficit. From my research my recommended daily calories is around 5000 whist on dbol, using my weight as a guide. However I was thinking of staying on my current 1000 / day 4 times a week and 2000/ day 3 times a week, or possibly higher through lean meats and very little carbs. I am hoping that such a deficit won’t put me into starvation mode and negate muscle gains if I am using. I realize that I won’t lose weight but my hope is that I will lose the last unnecessary fat.

It seems like the most appropriate AAS for this would be primobolan however the cost of an 8-12 week cycle is too high.

The cycle I am looking to do is 30 mg dbol with nolvadex 20/20/20/20 and clomide for 4 weeks after. Considering 300-500 mg test a week as well but wanted to get some feedback before made final decision.

All help would be appreciated and considered. Thanks in advance

diet is what will lean you up, not aas… aas will help you preserve muscle but only if your diet is on point… which yours is not

[quote]Szakacs wrote:

The cycle I am looking to do is 30 mg dbol with nolvadex 20/20/20/20 and clomide for 4 weeks after. Considering 300-500 mg test a week as well but wanted to get some feedback before made final decision.


MAYBE the test if in a serious calorie deficit, or MAYBE 10mg of dbol an hour pre-lifting ONLY to give you a boost, but otherwise not a good idea.

I’ve gotten chubby before — 18%BF according to the Cooper Clinic and considered tren, but instead just ate very, very clean and did much more running (sprint work, really) and less weights until I got it down below 10%.

So, if anything, TRT level test would be my recommendation.

Don’t do it
Eat well, train, sleep, do lots of cardio, no drinking
Dbol is not your answer, it wont help

If you going to run a cycle get to a weight that you are happy with ex: feeling comfortable around a bunch of people with no shirt
After a couple of years when you are lean and where you want to be, a cycle of 500mg test a week for 10 weeks is all you should run for your first time no orals.
results will only come if you work for them thats all

no need for dbol or other AAS just keep doing what your doing. Wat does your current diet look like? just give an example in case I can help fix or tweek a few things

Thanks all for the comments. Wondering if anyone has a specific experience or more of an explanation why they dont feel that better results can be achieved with diet and aas.

I am very happy with my weight and appearance and my diet is under very much under control. In theory what I am talking about should work that’s why it would be good to understand why not.

Diet at the moment on a fast day is no breakfast or lunch. Flavorless protein shake in the morning. Then for dinner 2 grilled chicken breast and large portion of spinach. Add mix of tomato/cucumber/radish etc. Hot sauce and tbsp of mayo. Evening snack of nuts or cheese always staying under 1000 cals. I change chicken for tuna/salmon/steak/mackerel and change spinach for lettuce/kale brown rice. On non fast days I eat whatever as long as I stay under 2000 cals limit. Sometime protein shake again in te evening depending in intake for the day and level of workout.

this is gunna sound counterproductive but you may wanna actually up your calories because ur body is most likely instarvation mode. 1000 calories is nothing and if your training intensely for an hr you probably burn 300-400 of those at the least.

You need cals especially at a bodyweight of 220lbs id say increase you calories as well as increase the number of times you eat during the day. That way as u add in more calories you metabolism will start to pick up because of the increased frequency of eating as well

I completely agree. That’s why I was considering AAS as a way to keep my body out of starvation mode, or effectively negate it. I would be able to maintain the fat loss I have been experiencing, and I believe actually increase it, whilst maintaining, or even increasing muscle mass. As long as its properly controlled it seems like a win win.